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Title: Earthen Embankment Restoration Dam Tour - The Culvert Rd Dam in Medina
Post by: Doug K on January 08, 2020, 09:01:30 pm
If you haven't already seen the first FOUR restored Canal Embankment Dams then please check them out here:

Dam 1 -

Dam 2 -

Dam 3 -

Dam 3 (cont) -

Dam 4 -


Dam 5 is is a dam on BOTH sides of the Erie Canal, North & South, and has a road running through the middle of it...kid you not. You see, Dam #5 is also the section of Embankment at Culvert Road in Medina. The picture you see here is headed north, under the canal, and to a parking lot near the Culvert under the Canal

Here's a picture of the Dam from the bottom on Culvert Rd

Culvert Rd Dam #5 looking EAST

Culvert Rd Dam #5 looking WEST

It's a very nice little ride, a unique perspective of Erie Canal Dam Safety in Action. This whole area will eventually be cleared on both sides for the safety of those living around this Dam


Now up to the top of the Embankment for a few pictures of the Dam 5 Restoration. Does it look like a 25' tall Earthen Dam?
Title: Embankment Restoration Dam Tour - Dam 5
Post by: Doug K on January 08, 2020, 09:14:50 pm
Well you saw this Dam from the bottom, time to get up on the trail, about 25' overhead.

Dam 5 looking West

Dam 5 looking East

The road through Dam 5

Now the nice thing about Dam has a cement insert to carry the Canal over the roadway. But of course it leaks a little so while most of the canal has some water inside during the winter the canal prism section at Dam 5 shows the true shape of the Canal. It is NOT a natural waterway, not a stream or creek. It's a man-made canal made of dug channels & raised embankments that impound water from Buffalo to where it hits it first connecting river...the Genesee. It is not natural, and it needs to be maintained properly to be safe. Take a look, surely to natural stream looks like this

Canal bottom drained above Culvert Rd Dam

There are the first 5 Erie Canal Embankments that have been restored as part of the Dam Integrity work being managed by the Canal Corporation. They said they had unsafe dams they needed to fix, they fixed them because safety is paramount over scenery. You can decide how they look if you want, really doesn't matter whether we like the look of safer dams or not in the end. What matters is that the canal is safe, can be inspected to maintain it's safety, and it's dams are safe and clear of tress making them currently unsafe.

Enough we need to see more cleared Canal Dams?

Yes? Well I hear there is a 78 foot high dam near Hulberton, I'll try to get pictures soon