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Title: Does the New York Power Authority have BIG plans for the Erie Canal?
Post by: Doug K on September 14, 2020, 04:45:59 pm
I believe the answer is a firm YES.

Will the general public like the changes being made to the Canal System in the name of Progress?

It's already apparent that many will rise and and fight against NYPA (New York Power Auth) and their  "Big Project" ideas.

It's wouldn't be the first time the New Yorker's had to steer the course for the next century of the Erie Canal, it probably won't be the last.

There is a very good article to read about how the Erie Canal has long been a blueprint for BIG project thinking.. go read it.


Now think about who owns the Erie Canal... the New York Power Authority. They are big plan people and also know how to make these transformation type projects happen. They also understand that the Erie Canal could be the cornerstone to a Greener NY State. They also create power.

Here's a few great reads on what the plans are for the Erie, compliments of the New York Power Authority, new owners, with BIG plans.

They even have a green project slated for Fairport, NY

It's all a result of RESEARCH & DATA that supports that for the very first time, in a long time, the Erie Canal may once again take it's place a Gem of NYS

The Erie Canal has MILES of southern exposure for Solar Power. The Erie also offers an endless supply of "moving water" for Turbine-generated water power. Both of these are the cleanest, greenest ways to create power, power that could soon replace fossil fuel power in this State. What if every New Yorker drove an electric car and had clean cheap electricity to use in their homes? Go look at the NYPA Website folks... it's water, wind and solar.

Is there any reason to think that the recent marriage of the Erie Canal & NYS Canal Corporation to the New York Power Authority wasn't going to result in another BIG IDEA coming from New York State, driven by New York Residents?

It's not hard to see that NYPA is the savior for an aging water highway that needs to be reborn, "reimagined" as something that can once again transform New York State,

We are witnessing the first steps in the Green Deal for the entire country, right in our own backyard, the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor.

And it all starts with clearing it off, making it safe & sustainable, fixing the issues and then transforming it into the 21st century POWERHOUSE that the New York Power Authority and New York State Canal Corporation always knew it could be.

If the Erie Canal stays the way it is today, unsafe and falling apart, it will surely have a certain death... from all that neglect.

Remember, most people prefer a butterfly over a cocoon, let's let the new owners show us what a BIG PROJECT can do for all of New York. Support the efforts to Reimagine a new SAFE and GREEN Canal, and NY State

Title: Re: Does the New York Power Authority have BIG plans for the Erie Canal?
Post by: Doug K on September 17, 2020, 11:13:58 am
And just to backup the idea about NYPA and their BIG IDEA approach, it's amazing how much new technology ideas are popping up as a result of a concerted effort to move away from fossil fuels and embrace more greener solutions to providing power.

Can anyone see New York Power Authority (NYPA) using this solar panel idea inside the Erie Canal?

Maybe floating inside all those canal widewater areas that are no longer used, since large barges no longer need to turnaround or be stored for winter?

Maybe fixed on posts along the Empire Trail, on the canal side, which already has quite a bit of southern exposure in many pl;aces across NY State?

Maybe build a nice Erie Canal solar farm on the Oxbow Lake Islands in Fairport, that are now covered with dangerous tress that fall into and around the main channel?

What if the Canal became the MAIN highway for a new passenger in the 21st century... clean, green energy?


Here's the article about this new idea of using these floating solar panels near Hydro-power Dams, they generate power and connect to nation's power grid already. It's a good use of space that most large Dam Owners would like to utilize better right now.

It's no accident that NYPA was given the Erie Canal & the NYS Canal Corporation a few years back by the Governor of NY, he's never been shy about a plan to make this state the 'greenest" state in the Country... starting with energy generation.

Anyone who doesn't see the new marriage of NYPA and the NYSCC as the BEST thing that could have happened to save the Erie canal, is just unwilling to understand the entire principle of "evolution". Take a look at the new life of the canal as a Clean Energy Highway.