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Title: The Oxbow Park!
Post by: Michael Caswell on May 24, 2021, 03:40:16 pm
Each year, a little more is added to the park. And it's beginning to show.
Here is a link to the latest project.

Title: Is the Oxbow Trail & Park in danger from Environmentalist?
Post by: Doug K on May 28, 2021, 01:57:21 pm
Perinton residents should understand that not all "environmentalist" are aware of the environment around them.

Some of them cannot see unsafe, hazardous earthen dams in their midst.

Some cannot see the presence of "dangerous trees" on America's Longest Bike Trail.

Some proclaimed environmentalist can't even understand that "not all green things are good" Invasive Cattails along the Erie Canal.

Here's a local Facebook group who's Founder and members claim to "love the Oxbow" but can't seem to see the environmental issues there.


Beautiful huh? What a nice deer picture huh?

Well what about that background, behind the deer?

The entire shore of the Oxbow is filled with Invasive Cattails.


Cattails... an invasive species? Are you sure Doug?

YES! but maybe not to all those Perinton "environmentalist" or Fairport "biologist" who think that all things that grow, and are green, are good for us and nature. Someone would actually have to do a bit of research to understand the complexities involved with water and shorelines. Thank goodness there are people that do that very thing.


The ECNA has trimmed many cattail areas down to nothing when possible, but more is needed and more help is required.

Unless of course you are like these two on Facebook, who simply want to ignore their presence and believe cattails invading a shoreline are "good", and trees on earthen dams aren't a danger.

And the ECNA will keep the Oxbow as clear as possible going forward, thanks to the help of local neighbors like Mike Caswell,  Eric Gavelis & Kulika Kim and their families, who spend time trying to offer solutions to the overgrowth of invasive species, not praising them like Ms Agte and her group of "warriors".

Sadly this little group claims to be "protectors of the environment", but even more sad... 605 people believe this dribble and never ONCE question their Leader.