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Title: The Biggest Non Event of the year - and planned that way methinks!
Post by: Michael Caswell on July 15, 2021, 09:44:02 am
Yesterday morning & evenings ZOOM meeting by the NYPA, as required by SEQR, really showed how the general public felt about the proposed vegetation removal project.

They didn't turn up in droves to denounce

Speakers were very limited, Doug Kucmerowski from the ECNA, Elizabeth Agte, Bill Smith, Virginia Maier, and oddly enough her husband, all got their 3 minutes.  Some other members of the STCC decided not to mention their affiliation, as if to create the impression they were 'just concerned citizens' not from a radical group, even though the Meeting Host requested it. Kevin Gallagher comes to mind, and someone named Anvelt.

What shocked me was the rant by Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor.  He knows darned well that Professor Donald Gray was misled into thinking the STCC was discussing 'wooded Slopes' as in forests (hence the phrase 'clear cut'), when he wrote a testimony into the court. Yet he still referred to it here.

Gray later stated that he knew of no situation where trees were allowed to grow, or purposely planted on dams. We, the ECNA, have told him about this enough times. So what is he up to? Trying to save face that he backed the wrong horse?

The entire fiasco was over in 41 minutes, morning session, and about 52 minutes in the evening version, which had about 3-4 more speakers. Lots of names called on to speak, many changed their minds it seems.

Mission accomplished by NYPA. Good job NYSCC!  SEQR requirements fulfilled.

Now, Lets move on to getting the final job done!

Clear the Oxbow Lake Embankment.