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In line with the FEMA training already discussed in this posting, here's another seminar sessions for those civilians who want to see what Dam Engineers & Dam/Levee Emergency Response folks do on a regular basis. You can follow the link below to learn more or signup.

This is a THREE DAY EVENT, all virtual, look over the Course Content here:

Here's the Day 1 Agenda

This is a good chance for anyone in our area to learn & understand about the dangers of unsafe, overgrown Earthen Dams & Levees, and how these aging embankments along the Erie Canal are placing the public in danger. It's also a good training course for any Village & Town Leadership along the Erie Canal to understand the danger the "impounded water" can have on their communities and why it's necessary to have Erie Canal Flood Emergency Action Plans (EAP) in place BEFORE something happens in their communities.

It's also a chance for those special folks "Who don't know what they don't know" to learn more about Dam Safety. In fact, the entire course content seems to apply very well to anyone fighting AGAINST the clearing of unsafe Erie Canal dams, to help them understand that fighting dam safety is "not in the public's best interest".

That statement also applies to any Facebook Groups who think they know "everything" about Erie Canal and it's unsafe condition, they too may benefit from a lesson in Dam Safety & Emergency Preparedness given by one of the leading Dam Safety advocates in this Country. 
Once America, and the smarter Americans realize that Covid 19 will eventually just become "something else that can kill you", they will also figure out that if they want to be protected they have choices.

Covid 19 will become just like with those OTHER illnesses and conditions in that Top 10 list, we didn't stop the world for those did we? COPD, or Kidney disease didn't make the news cycle each and every night. If you don't want to die from those illnesses we all know to stop the bad habits that cause most of them, or do it for your spouse to save them.

Listen to the words people, it's a "novel" or new Coronavirus, meaning it's not one of the 4 common ones that have existed along with humans for quite awhile now. And we don't talk much about them on the news very much either...because they cause what's called the "common cold" is all. In the end the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 will either be like the Flu (#8 on that Top 10 List) and you decide to get a vaccine, or it will be like #4 COPD, which can be "curbed" by making better choices in one's life, like quitting cigarettes or wearing a mask in public.

It will be a choice to wear masks and get vaccines... and should be.

Because we live in a Democratic nation where people make the decisions about what is right or wrong, not the Government. Remember it is "By the People, for the People".

And if you chose to do nothing to protect yourself from Corona Virus Disease 2019 then it may kill you, just like any one of those other Top 10 causes of death in America.

And that too is the way it should be. Because we live in a Democratic nation where any of the "herd" is allowed to run headlong to their death over a cliff at any time.

After all, in the end it will always come down to Natural Order and "survival of the fit". That both body & mind.

Learning from the past, is easier said than done. Remember that America does have a long history showing why it's good to error on the side of improving PUBLIC HEALTH, especially through "Mass-Vaccination".

Here's the "short list" of what we know has almost eliminated past sicknesses that have killed or crippled American's, just like Covid-19


Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

Influenza (H1N1)



Here's a whole list of reasons why vaccinations work, probably better than masks do, and are a great help to drive both Infection & Mortality Rates down

Sadly the TRUTH of today, Jan 2, 2021 is not great news on the fight against Covid

The United States have only received on 60% of the promised 20 million doses of Vaccine from the Government that was part of Mr. Trumps Warped Failure. And only 10% of those vaccine doses ended up into the arms of American's and a Country that needs a cure until people regain their perspective.

Because in the end it seems there is a miscommunication issue in our Country, and the Federal & State levels are pointing at each other as the problem

And again these are just what the numbers say, and what most Americans agree is the Truth

Now BEFORE you all write in saying I may be rather "harsh" on the US Federal Response to Covid-19

And some people will probably pine away about how hard the problem is to vaccinate the entire USA, I want to remind you all that once again, Engineers have the answers to these problems, or can most likely remind the Government about their own tools. Ask any Manufacturing Engineer, they have understand BIG numbers, like making paper cups, toilet paper or even like distributing Covid vaccines.

The solution for vaccinating millions of people is about 80 years old, and used by our own America's Military ever since. And most people learned about this "tool" from television in the 1970s - 80s. It's called a MASH unit, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

Read about it here -->

Your would think someone in the current Federal Level would have understood they only need to change 1 Letter to make this distribution solution happen, a Letter S to Letter V. And then government workers can manage the entire process from end to end, and insure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Here's a catchy name for that solution.

MAVH - Mobile Army Vaccination Hospital. And in this day and age it can be as small as an RV to get into more remote areas. The local government works with the Fed Level to announce several "vaccination day events" in areas, by zip code. That's the whole idea of being "mobile".  Now it's only an idea, a curious thought, it still needs to be percolated and made to everyone's taste, but it's moving in the direction of "fixing" a problem instead of "talking" about it.

Which seems to be what Washington DC government leaders want to do these days... talk about what "coulda, shoulda, woulda" happened.

Especially a man who wanted to be King but ended up looking like the court jester...a complete fool.

Refusing to wear a mask?

Imagine this!  During The Blitz blackout in London during world war two, if there had been a group of people saying, " I'll turn my lights on if I want to!" 'Germ'ans would have loved that - as does the Corona Virus Germ.
ECNA Neighborhood News / Covid19 Breaks into the Top 3 Causes of Deaths in the America
« Last post by Doug K on December 31, 2020, 03:25:47 pm »
For a viral sickness that many are calling "just a hoax", the Covid-19 virus at the center of the Coronavirus Pandemic has become a quick, potent killer of Americans in it's first year.

Because once again the NUMBERS tell the whole story when it comes to the "health of the herd".

These numbers are based off the CDC, which many know has become very unreliable for valid data under the Trump leadership, but for the sake of argument we will use these numbers as most folks in the US do as well. You can review the webpages below for more detail as you see fit. The ECNA is just showing people the facts, the data, and also spreading the message that Covid is no ordinary "cold or flu" right now.

It's a better killer of Americans than many of our old diseases combined, and certainly killing many more than guns are these days.

CDC Website -

Top 12 Causes of US Deaths -

Worldometer / Covid Tracking -

Once the 2020 amount & rate numbers are released for the Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in America, many will finally see that Covid-19, when it was new, killed at a rate that dwarfed all others but a couple. This Covid 19 Coronavirus kills more people in America than these 5 causes of death combined: Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Flu / Influenza, Kidney Disease and Suicide. Yes Combined!

Covid 19 may well be as deadly for Americans as all Accidental Deaths (including gunshots), COPD and Stroke deaths... COMBINED, before it is done with us.

Take a look at the column of numbers to the far right side of the data table above. It's labeled - Deaths per Day and simply divides the reported death totals for each cause by 365. Note that Covid, if it stayed the way it started in 2020, would end up killing just over 900 people a day. That is a number that America may have to get used to seeing on their daily news unless people here change their habits... and we all know who they are.

Right now Covid-19 is the THIRD biggest killer of Americans in 2020, right behind Heart Disease & Cancer which annually are #1 & 2 respectively.

What else can be said to convince the sad minority of Americans who still insist that Covid isn't real or is some kind of made up political move?


Especially when many of the people who are spreading this hoax message, do it just because the leader of their "cult" says the same thing.

It's a sad testament to the American Values of Truth & Justice when someone's fractured opinions can be passed off as fact, especially when the real data shows a much different story. What's even worse is when that FRACTURED opinion is from our Country's Leader, who said he would "Make America Great Again". If this is what "great" looks like to Mr. Trump and his followers, Americans should take note of who's flying Trump flags in their own neighborhoods right now and be warned, people living there are not fit to hold the Office of President in this country.

America is Number 1 in the entire World in the number of Covid 19 Cases... that is not great.

And America is also Number 1 in the entire world for Covid 19 Deaths... That is not so great either.

In fact, 50% of the states that make up our country have death rates per 100K population that exceed ALL of the rest of the COUNTRIES in the world who are fighting the same pandemic.

The United States of America has become the center of the entire world's pity, which isn't great either, since we used to be the country that most other's envied.

But Mr. Trump has made America (and many Americans) GREAT at one thing...

Sadly it is Dying from Covid 19!

This Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group (STCC) on Facebook is playing Russian Roulette with Canal Embankments & Public Safety, and everyone living along or near the Erie Canal is in danger of potential catastrophic flooding as a result...

And most Rochester residents don't seem to care at all.

All of this plays out while Perinton, Pittsford and Fairport Government Leaders let this small dysfunctional group dictate the course of public safety in an around our Erie Canal villages & communities. They do it by NOT speaking up to them and their dangerous rhetoric of public safety program denial.

Those community leaders should know better, those town & village residents and taxpayers deserve better representation.

So the real answer to Mike Caswell's question is simple...
This group will NOT go away until the PUBLIC says they have heard enough of their lies.

As long as the Stop The Canal Clear-cut group continues to follow the Denialist Playbook, and the Public lets them continue their charade, nothing will change. It appears that only canal neighbors living BELOW these unsafe dams seem interested.

It's not like there isn't a mountain of evidence against what this Facebook Group is saying... because the topic of Earthen Dam Safety is well covered on the internet.

In Fact just about EVERY STATE has a page dedicated to Embankment & Earthen Dam Safety

New York -

Nebraska -

Virginia -

Michigan -

Wisconsin -

There are even manuals written on how to maintain Canals & Embankments correctly. These publications are put out by many different organizations, including Land Management for the US Dept of Interior and FEMA, who with the US army Corps of Engineers manages hundreds of water impounding structures.

These are the REAL experts on Dam Safety & Maintenance, unlike what the STCC has stated.

Sadly, none of this information matters because this Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group refuses to acknowledge that they may be wrong, and the general public doesn't care enough about their own safety to stop foolish people from toying with it.

In fact most members of the STCC seem to talk more about what they DON'T KNOW than what they do on on their Facebook site.

And all the information they need can easily be found using the websites created by the NYS Canal Corporation to explain the practice & process of keeping Earthen Embankment Dams safe & sustainable. Of course they wouldn't go look there, that's what the "enemy" is saying.. right?

Can anyone else see who the REAL enemy of Public Safety is in the Rochester area?

It appears not... except for the ECNA, who's been steadfast in their support of Safety along the Erie Canal
Absolutely!  I guess those that put Republican Lawn Signs up, and and have Trump stickers on their cars have done us all a favor. Now we can easily recognise them for what they are, COVID spreaders, and stay the hell away from them.
Their denial of the truth will be their own demise.
ECNA Neighborhood News / A Different Perspective of the Coronavirus Pandemic
« Last post by Doug K on December 13, 2020, 08:16:41 pm »
If you think that the issue with the Covid 19 pandemic may be over soon, it most likely will not be a quick or easy solution as some say.

The issue the United States of America has with public safety vs public conscience & responsibility runs much deeper than a vaccine

It appears that Covid Virus is the United States has indeed become just a reflection of the overall division we have in America these days. It's being fueled by political division and the fire is being fanned by people who seem to think more about their own needs than those of the country, or the neighbors next door.

It appears that many in this country have lost their perspective of what should be considered "common sense", and are now prescribing to what many will attribute to a "cult-like" following. What most people understand as a public safety issue, some in this country have made a "personal rights" discussion. While some are looking at ways to mitigate the spread of a dangerous killer bug in the herd using masks & separation, others are whining about the bug being a hoax, and again.. how it affects THEIR lives.

These people really don't care about the others in the herd, they only seem to care about the spot that is under their own shadow.

Take a look at the United States Covid Data for 2020. This is readily available online at

I have captured the Worldometer COVID-19 data table and sorted it so that state can be compared side by side by rate of infection per 1 million in population. Bigger states could have more daily cases but the number per million people in that state could be on average with any other state at that moment.

If the case data is sorted high to low, and we use the average number of cases per million people as a gage, the states ABOVE the average line would have more people getting sick per capita than those BELOW the countries' average case line.

Now here's where we add a bit of perspective... and data. I used the recent 2020 Presidential Election map, that also shows STATE data and placed Red and Blue labels against this Covid Data Table...and the results are amazing.

Here's the Presidential Election Map

And when the two data sets are combined, in order to see which STATES are having the worst time with Coronavirus, the results may surprise many.

The STATES that are complaining the most about wearing masks, social distancing, businesses closing and how their "civil liberties" are being taken away, are the states that have the BIGGEST issue with Covid and have more people catching & spreading the virus, making the whole problem even worse. And for the most part, they are in Red States... those believing that Joe Biden still isn't the President to be

Maybe it's time for some people to look in the mirror and recognize who is the problem?

Just saying it's time we start to fix the problem, and it starts in RED states, because Covid 19 has now become a "republican" plague

Perinton Community Discussion / Richardsons Restaurant Closing
« Last post by Michael Caswell on December 08, 2020, 01:59:19 pm »
Richardsons  Bushnells Basin Restaurant closing

From all of us at Richardson's Canal House we'd like to thank everyone for their continued support during these tough times.
It is with a heavy heart to inform you we will be temporarily closing the restaurant as of December 8th. 

But not to worry, we will be back in all our glory April 2021 !

Happy Holidays
Not to mention that the internet has many many examples and stories citing past Erie Canal embankment ISSUES that this group insists didn't happen.

The STCC Leadership, Ms. Agte et all, only mention one canal breach, the 1974 at Bushnell's Basin, saying it was caused by "man" and at no other time has the canal ever had embankment issues.

To that I have a one word response: Bullshit!

And here's proof that these environmental-wannabee's are nothing more than Canal Safety Denialists, who simply deny what doesn't fit
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