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Talking about wasting money  - remember the three towns who sued the Canal Corp?
Each one spent about $14,000 on legal fees for this nonsense! AND they hoodwinked 'expert witnesses' into giving incorrect evidence! 
What have they achieved? Absolutely NOTHING!  The NYPA's EEIP program is on course, not wavering, and work will commence soon enough to rectify these dangerous dams.

I hate to think how much money has been spent on the delays.
It certainly looks like it! Trying to figure out why the Canal Corp is doing what they do. You're just going round in circles Liz!

Your latest post just shows your lack of understanding.

Here's the thing Liz!
Because your little coven stopped all the work on the embankments, and because the embankments are SO OVERGROWN, and because the maintenance crews are so over worked with leaks, they leave the stuff there, because they know it will be cleared when the contractors start work - soon! It's called efficiency.

The thing is, because the embankments are SO OVERGROWN they can't see a darned thing anyway! A couple of piles of logs won't make any difference.

See!  Simple really!  So, don't worry  your little head about it!
The Coven / Re: There's a crackpot loose in Fairport
« Last post by Doug K on November 10, 2019, 09:01:09 am »
Ok... wow... interesting.

So this might explain quite a bit about the STCC and its Founder, who had consistently avoided talking about the topics that are most critical with Embankment Dams

Public Safety & Dam Inspection

The Canal Corporation, the ECNA, and the followers of the STCC movement ALL believed this founder & leader of the group was actually reading and learning about dam safety from all of the documents that were being offered by the NY Canal folks

Now we learn differently.

I guess people will have to chose for themselves how they move forward with this new information. If the STCC Leadership is not able to comprehend the issues with Erie Canal Safety, maybe they should stop speaking against it for awhile.

Shocking that this wasn't shared two years ago when the Ms. Agte started her STCC "hobby".
The Coven / Re: Super T Shirts for Sale
« Last post by Doug K on November 10, 2019, 08:34:39 am »

These T-Shirts should fly off the shelves in support of Ms.Agte's favorite cause...the Environment. Saving rainforest trees is a noble effort, thinking Erie Canal trees are the same as those trees, we'll that was a big "swing and a miss".

Hopefully EVERY person, who joined in on the farce created by the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Face leadership, will purchase one as a reminder to chose their leaders more wisely next time. Certainly all Erie neighbors who were part of the original Embankment Restoration Project will be placing their orders for this one.

Has the NY Canal Corporation already placed their order?

How about a slogan on the back... "Floods Aren't Cool - Don't be a Shady Fool"

The Coven / Super T Shirts for Sale
« Last post by Michael Caswell on November 09, 2019, 02:45:11 pm »
Get them here!   All donations go to

Order yours today!
The Coven / Re: There's a crackpot loose in Fairport
« Last post by Michael Caswell on November 09, 2019, 02:38:01 pm »
Want more proof about the C R A C KE D Pot theory?
Ms McInerney Posed this question on the STCC Facebook page.

I replied by Facebook Messages -----
I spotted your post on the STCC Facebook page, and I'd like to share with you some of the reasons why trees are a bad idea on the canal embankments, BUT they are a great idea on a Levee.

 Ms Agte's "EXPERT WITNESS' who has refuted his original statements and now says "I donít know of any earth dams where woody vegetation was purposely planted or allowed to grow on a face of the dam." He then explains the difference between Dams & Levees. Basically, trees are OK on Levees, but not on dams. That is why some people have been trying to fudge the issue and call the embankment dams levees.

The main reason this vegetation has to go is because the engineers cannot properly inspect the dam for leaks, and there are many. I can show you a few of them.

Why would they need to inspect?
Because these dams were badly constructed well over 100 years ago, when the knowledge was very limited, and they have had no maintenance for that period. The vegetation is so dense, no one can see the leaks.
See my video

The trees are toppling all the time, and each time they do, a hole is wrenched in the side of the slope, making it weaker.

What happens if the embankment fails?
A huge flood. A wall of water 20 feet deep, rushing through the gap, and flooding all of the Jefferson Rd Crystal Springs area. All the water from Macedon to Pittsford would take about 6 hours to empty. Could you risk a 1000 people's lives for a few trees?

Unfortunately, when these canals were built, many areas under these dams were just fields with crops, or even fallow, a low risk problem. But local authorities ignored the danger and granted building permits for residential areas, schools and businesses.

This video will explain hazard creep zones.

I hope this answers your questions, but if you need any more information, please email me at

And visit

We have a very active forum where many topics are discussed see

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Mike Caswell.  Admin Erie Canal Neighbors Association

Once again it's the Leadership of the STCC who still thinks they deserve "preferential" treatment, from a NY State agency that they have done nothing but ridicule  from Day 1 for trying to preserve public safety.

Threatening the NY Canal Corporation with a letter to the state governor, the head of the Canal Corporation, Mr. Brian Stratton, had to write yet another letter to STCC Leader GouldThorpe who is demanding answers...answers that could be easily found on the NY Canal website for the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program or EEIP as its known. Take a look at the letter...then go look at what is available on their website.

Each word in this letter can be found on the website...several times. But no, the STCC Leadership would rather have Mr. Stratton waste his valuable time, and taxpayer dollars, on a personal note to their group. And this isn't the first time this request has been made. Figuring the cost to employ Mr. Stratton, at about $100 per hour, these letters, with administrative support, probably cost taxpayers a few hundred dollars EACH.

What a waste of time & money...all for a group that is saying the Canal Corporation is "wasting money" fixing the canal, under their EEIP Public Safety program

Surely  Canal Corporation leaders have enough on their hands trying to fix their unsafe embankment issues but let's challenge  them more with having to write letters to a group that won't believe what they've been told, or spend the time to learn about dams, locks and general embankment safety. If they don't believe the website information, why would a letter be received any differently?

Go look at their latest work on the State Environmental Quality Review

Maybe the leadees of the STCC feel just a bit more "special", a bit more "full of themselves", when they show their letters off on Facebook...who knows anymore with this group. They have changed their strategy a half dozen times already originally saying EEIP was about selling trees. Now they say it's not about's about shade.

Seems like the whole group is a bit "shady". Its hard to tell if the STCC leaders intent is about the public good or their own "self-importance" these days. Just read Ms.Agte's rant about her tireless efforts for the group, which at tge end seems to promote herself and her flawed views on public safety.

The ECNA has a solution...doubt it will be received in the same spirit it was given but since we DO know they frequently read this Forum Board, we can only try to steer them into a better understanding of the gravity of Erie Canal Embankment Dam Safety. Maybe they just need some education on the a level they may be able to understand.

Since the Canal website info has proved too challenging, here's a learning website more in tune with their capability... 6th grade level should work.

Who knows, maybe this will teach them something. Or at a minimum they might spend the time NOT writing more letters to the Canal folks who have enough to do right now with this huge public safety program. In any case it's sent with the best intentions, as an educated public is a public that will make better decisions on their own.

Sadly, from what the Stop The Canal Clearcut LEADERS have already shown the rest of us, they may not learn anything from this lesson. After all, they certainly "claim" to know EVERYTHING about dam safety, and they paint those who are running the Embankment Safety Program as ignorant, bumbling fools.

Our best advice to the public...guess who is who.
The Coven / Re: There's a crackpot loose in Fairport
« Last post by Michael Caswell on November 03, 2019, 08:53:42 am »

If they personally are not at risk from drowning or losing their property, why are these three women, who all live ABOVE the dams, so determined to prevent proper management of these dams?

Agte Nettlecreek Rd, Meuwissen Erie Crescent, and Maier on Dewey Avenue have absolutely no chance of being affected by flooding.

The most important thing about our Fairport dams is that there has been no proper inspections for many, many years.  Even engineers have said they cannot carry out inspections without vegetation removal.

So how can Ms Meuwissen make any determination and argue against the NYPA's risk assessment when they haven't even looked at the state of the dams.

Here is the state of the dam. You can see that Rizzo's recommendation to remove vegetation for further inspection is valid.

The Coven / Re: There's a crackpot loose in Fairport
« Last post by Doug K on November 03, 2019, 08:08:31 am »
"Pressing on their risk definitions"... too bad these people have no understanding of the Risk Analysis Process. In fact it's NOT a Canal Corporation risk assessment, it's a NY Dept of Environmental Conservation. ..the DEC, who follows the Federal Dam Safety Guidelines.

The Canal Corporation by chosing the words Unsafe Dam, have essentially told the communities around the embankments that these structures are at risk of causing "loss of human life"...from NYDEC and Federal Standards.

Loss of HUMAN life matters doesn't it?

Sadly not to this group it appears, they won't talk about it or even acknowledge this simple fact...stated CLEARLY by the caretakers of the NYS Canal Property.
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