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It's the same old rhetoric! The STCC brainwashing a new convert, pitiful!

Just as we thought most people had understood the danger that this Facebook Group poses, along comes a 'newbie' who got sucked in by the group and it's leaders, who have been saying shade is the most important thing being lost.  And safety, well that word doesn't exist in the STCC and they do not want to talk about it, as you can see by the last posts.

Here's a comment on this Gouldthorpe Debacle, from a new member and someone who just realized his house is on a Dam, it's a very nice log home, in a very nice area, and all at risk of unsafe dam floods. I bet he never guessed why the LAST owner sold it so...and I bet that owner never mentioned the Unsafe Dam in his backyard... So much for NYS Property Disclosure statements.

Attention Mr. Micah Clark and family... if you are looking for help the STCC is the wrong group to ask for it

1) Their LEADERS won't help get you or your family out of danger from that unsafe canal dam your house is next to.

2) They won't be there to help you with mandatory flood insurance payments, if those trees don't get removed from that unsafe dam either.

3) They won't be there to throw you a life ring if your earthen dam starts to leak and breaches.

3) Many members don't even live below these canal embankment in danger like many of us homeowners are.

But it's America, you have choices.

You can listen to people who care more about shade for their walk than for your safety, or the safety of other Erie Canal Neighbors. Or you can get educated about the property you just purchased, how to make it safe, and how to make sure that Flood Insurance doesn't become something you never wanted to have.

I will help you out with a few pictures... and a suggestion that you visit the Canal Corporation website regarding the Embankment Integrity Program that will soon clear that ENTIRE embankment dam, south of your property. The link below will get you started.

First understand that the canal is a prism, it's 120' across at the top and 75 feet across at the bottom. Water depth is around 12 feet. It hold quite a bit of water, and has flood gates that can only limit flood control to about 2 hours of water release. That's if they can get the gates closed at all as much of the Erie Canal system is aging, and need safety repairs, like these earthen embankment dams.

Here's how the volume of water is calculated in a's a calculator

But your property is special, because you have a wide waters. that's about 4. deep and used to yurn old barges around and store them for the winter months. So your property has MUCH more water than most. Here's a picture that will tell the WHOLE story and also ask the MOST important question,

If you want the truth, if you want the facts about Embankment Dam safety we can only offer the ECNA website as a starting place, and this ECNA Forum as a place that you can get questions answered, and concerns can be addressed.

Just offering you REAL facts and the TRUTH, protect your property and your family, understand just what you have gotten yourself into, and don't look for the STCC to offer any way to change that.

You bought a house below an Unsafe Erie Canal Embankment Dam... time to address safety issues, not shade.
Perinton Community Discussion / Nextdoor?
« Last post by Michael Caswell on Today at 02:29:16 am »
Nope!  I'm not a fan of Nextdoor, even though I regrettably encouraged 120 people to join it locally, and I'm a lead (for now -resigning some when soon). It's an organisation only interested in advertising revenue, finding lost kittens and promoting Tupperware parties. The truth? Adult discussion of important topics like safety?  Nah!  They're not interested, that might upset advertisers.

But every now and again, through all the murk comes a gem, and today I spotted this article by  a neighbor - Bill Rietz of Crescent Hill

Protecting Those Who Protect Us.

I am putting this out, like I have on other Social Media Platforms not for discussion or debate. Something like this may have gone out before, if it did I have not seen it. If you don't like it or agree with it move-on, I am not interested.

Attention: Police, Sheriff, Trooper, EMS, Firefighter, Nurse any and all people working in First Responder fields. You are NOT alone, you are NOT hated. You ARE SUPPORTED, you are LOVED and you are PRAYED for.

If you need a glass of water stop by...
If you need a meal, stop here. Kitchen is always open...
If you need a restroom break, stop here...
If your pen runs out of ink, stop by ... got a box full...

If you are afraid to pick-up take out for your lunch fearing it will be contaminated.. call me I will order and pick-up for you.
If you don't want to grab a coffee, thinking someone would foul it, call me I'll come order it and give it to you...

Need to use a restroom in a business, call me I'll come watch your cruiser...

Now, here is the important part..! I am a Vet. A USMC Combat Vet.

Need a safe place to decompress? Come by, I am here...
Need a place to remove the Vest, even for a moment? Just to sit... in the quiet? Stop by, always welcome...
Need to talk? Call me, anytime day or night...
Are the Demons getting louder? Come, we will fight them together...
Need to smash something, need to break something? Call me, I got a spot...
Need to holler' at the Moon? Yup, still here...   

I do not have all the answers, never claimed to. Many of the Horrors you see are like the ones I saw... And can never un-see..! YOU ARE NOT ALONE..!!

People need you, We need you, I need you.

I am here, right here ...
Thanks to all who helped send along the message about our next Sponsor for the Oxbow Parks & Trails adoption, the Canal Corp and NYS Parks & Trails heard us.

We have the new Sponsor forms approved, the Gavelis Family, led by Eric & Ever, will be the Sponsors for the Trail from 2020 though 2022.

It looks like this will be the next signs posted on the Trail

We really don't know much about the STCC members, but 605 people have sided with a group that has one purpose:  fight to keep unsafe canal embankments  from being repaired.

Unsafe dams will eventually mean mandatory flood insurance in this country, especially with more and more earthen dam breaches happening at faster rates than ever. Infrastructure cumbling away matters most when it holds back flood water.

How many of those 605 people in tbe STCC membership actually live below these dams, that are a flood risk, and will be saddled with payments near $3000 annually?

All because the STCC wanted shade... wow.

"Shade is cool" logo. I'd prefer to say 'SHADY CHARACTERS'

I see Ms Gouldthorpe has sold here property on the canal by Rte 31F in Fairport.  Maybe she's moving away from the area? ;)

As for the 605 STCC members, we know many of them no longer support this group, but haven't bothered to sign off. I'd say there were about a dozen folks who really still peddle this dangerous philosophy!

Take a read of that message to the Stop the Canal Clearcut group from it's leader, Ms. Gouldthorpe again, do it a couple times so you get all the messages she noted. Now let me ask a few questions...

Did you notice if Ms. Gouldthorpe  mentions the SAFETY issues for 327 property owners living below these embankment dams in the area from Lockport to Fairport?

No, because Ms G, like the rest of this group, seem to think that the people who use the Erie Canal trail part time for their walks, have MORE at stake than the neighbors of the Canal path living below those UNSAFE DAMS every day, 24 hours a day.

Did you happen to see if Ms. G used the word DAM in her speech about these trees, and the embankment dams that are now unsafe because of those trees?

No, because this group thinks that little detail isn't important. Dams, hills, highways, it's all the same to this group. Their leaders & members have managed to avoid using TWO of the three words that the NY Canal Corporation has stated is the REAL problem... UNSAFE EMBANKMENT DAMS. And of course it was all done under their "Shade is Cool" slogan.

Here's a slogan for you Ms. G.


It goes right next to this one...


Go ahead, open the Menu and select the FIND... button. Type the word EMBANKMENT and see what you get... this group can't use that word either..because it reminds them of how wrong they are.Maybe worst of all, and it's all part of this 'subtle ignorance' this group has shown for quite a long time now...

Did you see even ONE mention of protecting HUMANS in Ms. Gouldthorpe's message?

No, because perhaps the only person who matters here is Mr. G and her little band of Environmentalist. These folks who would rather keep human lives & property at risk of floods, than to lose the shade for their precious walk each afternoon. There is never a mention of the safety of these canal neighbors, not only from floods but also the need to purchase Flood Insurance if the unsafe dams near them are NOT cleaned off.

The words Unsafe Embankment Dams don't just go away because some group says "save the trees' folks, remember that little fact when FEMA sends a letter saying your Flood Maps changed.

Hard to believe this group has convinced anyone they know what they are talking about, but they do have 605 followers... so what do I know?

Fairport, Perinton... shame on you for letting these folks keep your community living under Unsafe Embankment Dams.
Thanks EC and Mike, found this information as well. Better to inform the public so a new 'bug' in our area won't start a panic.

We all know that some group will pop up in the future, stating this new bug is now a problem at some point, and all in name of the 'environment' again.

I'll suggest the name of the new Union now... JKFOA. Japanese Knotweed Farmers of America.

I've eaten Knotweed, fried it sauteed it in butter, eaten it raw in salads too!  It's ok, but as a substitute for red wine, Nah!  Give me red wine any day!

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