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Perinton Community Discussion / Re: Do you know what happened in 2018?
« Last post by Doug K on March 31, 2020, 08:59:15 am »

In June of 2018 the Erie Canal Neighbors Association came into existence with the task of correcting the mis-information being spread by a Facebook group regarding Earthen Dam Safety in our community.

We investigated the facts, found the breadcrumb trail of how Embankments had become unsafe in the first place, and led the effort to bring facts & truth to other canal neighbors who were being confused by the mixed messages they were hearing in the press & from Facebook.

And here we are, almost 2 years later, still fighting the same disinformation campaign, from the same Facebook group, and wondering why the public is so easily convinced to follow the "wrong path home".

And since 2018, the ECNA had also sought the truth & facts on other Erie Canal topics, like Reimagine the Canals & Canal Village Reorganization. Just so others can gain from a little work on our part to uncover the truth and put in an easy to understand format, in a place everyone can share. On the website.

Once again, we will try to help people understand the FACTS and help wade through the fiction that so many others want to add to these new conversations , in hopes of steering the conversation away from the truth.

Our advice remains the same, Be sure you do your homework before deciding what path to follow.
Perinton Community Discussion / DON'T PAY YOUR VILLAGE & TOWN TAXES!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 30, 2020, 06:57:35 pm »
If you are out of work, recently unemployed, or had your business closed, the FIRST thing you need to do, is conserve every penny you can. Paying Perinton Town, Fairport School and Fairport village taxes, is the last thing that should be on your list.
A new ruling says you can't be evicted etc. if you don't pay rent etc. for 90 days. Take advantage of it.

WHY?  These establishments have been frittering away our hard earned money for years. Our taxes are the worst of all the town and villages on the Erie Canal corridor.

Just look at these figures -

AND worse, there is no official statement mentioning any attempt to help those in need, reduce our taxes, or even delay any payments.  Local government management etc. expect to be fully employed, and get full pay, on the backs of people who are out of work!

Perinton Community Discussion / Business as usual?
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 30, 2020, 10:24:01 am »
The Fairport Brewing Company, owned by Tim Garman, conducts a daily interview with local people called The Daily Toast. Yesterday, Tim chatted with our Village Mayor Julie Domaratz.
Here's the interview Go to facebook dot com- fairportbrewingcompany -- videos  -2789529204417945/

I gleaned from this interview that the property Tax bills will go out in June, the same as usual, with nothing changing. I must say, I find that very disturbing.
We have a large service industry in this village comprised of restaurants, stores and many other businesses that are considered 'non-essential'. So what does that mean? Most of those businesses employ people who are low paid workers, and now they are collecting unemployment. They are also likely to be renting property and not able to pay their rent, as are the small business owners leasing their premises. The knock-on effect of this is horrific.

One landlord I know who has several properties said he's going to have to find $18,000 to cover the shortfall. New laws prohibit eviction proceedings for non payment up to 90 days. This encourages folks to withhold their payments.
Yet, those with 'government jobs' in the village, (those being paid some 40% above other villages employees), are expecting no layoffs, and no pay cuts. THAT folks, is unsustainable.

Our taxes are way out of control as it is. Our expenditure is also way out of control, compared with other canal villages.

Our officials need to make some tough decisions, get their heads out of the sand, and start making HUGE cuts in every area possible. If that means layoffs, so be it. Take unemployment like the majority here.

It means looking at every aspect of expenditure and slashing it. Lets not hang about with this. Get It Done!

Perinton Community Discussion / Re: Do you know what happened in 2018?
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 29, 2020, 08:32:15 am »
Here are some answers.

No mention of how many voted for this project.
The Penny Pincher / Canal Food!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 28, 2020, 08:40:03 pm »
Our Erie Canal is FULL of food!  Delicious food! And all you need to catch it is a fishing rod and some sweet corn.

Watch this video to find out how!


New York Canal Corporation's Official Delay Letter has Arrived

More to come... stay safe.

I forgot!   One of the main reasons we mow the grass frequently is to reduce visitors exposure to this!  --
They could swing the Facebook group in a more positive direction...

Start Thinking Canal Conservation?

Or maybe the public and group membership might be leaning towards something more like this;

Stop the Canal Corporation  Criticism

One more reason why the STCC don't know what they are talking about regarding the embankment dams.  Clear cutting, as defined here, is NOT what is happening. No more trees are being planted, only grass. Clear cutting only occurs on forested land, and the trees are replaced within two seasons.  They actually need the cut to allow enough light for the saplings to grow.

Perhaps ms Agte needs to come up with another name, suggestions anyone? (Be nice now!)

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