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Covid 19, and the Coronavirus Pandemic have brought a new wrinkle to what constitutes Public Health, and for that matter Public Safety.

Many experts in the fields of Medicine & Public Health have merged to try and fight both a deadly virulent in our midst, but also have to fight the simple fact that most times the "public" is it's own worst enemy. Right now there is an ongoing debate in our country about what's right & wrong' when it comes to public safety... and the health of our nation as a whole.

Some folks, even some leaders, are still in "denial" that the Coronavirus is a bad as people like Dr. Fauci try to explain.

The failure to deny the Science and Statistics on just what a global pandemic can do to mankind, by simply saying "I don't believe" what the experts say is, finally being called out by one of the leading authorities on the Covid Crisis.. Dr Fauci himself.

Here's Dr. Fauci's thoughts from an interview about the issues his own family has faced, for his steadfast position of delivering the TRUTH about this virus and it's grip on our Country. Up holding that truth, even at the cost of family safety. He's almost amazed that ANYONE would consider taking the least safe path towards a solution. Read these a few times, remember, he could have chosen any topic to discuss...but this was on his mind the most.

He goes on to say this as well.

You can read the whole article here:

Public Heath - Public Safety, those two areas are one in the same, avoiding the possibility of a catastrophe that would affect large areas of the public.

And sadly the Erie Canal Neighbors Association has been pointing out the same type of disregard for the SAFETY of the PUBLIC, with this Facebook group calling themselves: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut.

It isn't Covid-19 that's the issue in our area, it's Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments that need to have trees removed to make us all safe again.

But it is EXACTLY the same type of people fighting these Public Safety efforts being made by the New York State Canal Corporation to fix canal dams.

The same New York State Canal Corporation who has promised to remedy the issue, to apply the right solution to fix the problem, based on Science & Engineering.

And this Facebook group fighting against fixing unsafe dams, well they are flying the flag of "Environmental Concern" which makes it alright to them. They are also trying to change the topic from Public Safety to Public Shade... or Oxygen loss, anything to avoid the truth the Trees on Dams are Unsafe. They have denied the issues with the safety of the canal system continually, with no evidence to support their claims that "Nothing is Wrong".

The OWNERS of the PROPERTY that is UNSAFE have stated personally to the leaders of this Facebook group they are wrong about ignoring safety!!

Folks, they have been just as much of an enigma to the ECNA, as that Covid weary "public" has been to Dr. Fauci.

It's hard to believe that so many in our area could be fooled by these Stop the Canal Clear Cut Leaders, who clearly lack the proper amount of knowledge and understanding to even be considered "leaders" Why anyone would abandon all common sense to deny the safety problem in the first place is amazing, but then to criticize the people who are trying to fix the problems... it borders on unthinkable. But it doesn't seem to matter, their opinion matters more to the followers of the STCC rhetoric than truth & fact.

Kind of like the public's perception of Covid, some still think a virus that kills at a 10X rate to the Flu is "Hype & Hoax". Everyone can understand the frustration Dr. Fauci (& the ECNA) must feel. You cant fake overflowing hospitals & funeral homes now can you?

Where is the Dr. Fauci of Dam Safety in America? The New York State Canal Corporation would like to have a word with you, I think.

I know several neighbors of the Erie Canal that absolutely would like to have a chat.

Because it's starting to look like some in our community will only accept the truth, and that they were wrong, after the Erie Canal floods and kills people.

I think this last statement sums it up quite nicely...

Perinton Community Discussion / Nextdoor Nonsense
« Last post by Michael Caswell on August 06, 2020, 04:44:44 am »
I have just realised what is going on here.

Jesse Edmund has recently volunteered as a lead, so there is one extra count on he and his wife (Kristen Edmund) point of view, which is very narrow minded from what I can see.

Surely ND can see the unfairness of this Edmund arrangement?  You will notice that Kristen Edmund's votes are usually to 'remove' votes, and is often ruining someone's small business. My understanding is that small business owners can blow their trumpet once a month at no cost, but please correct me if I am wrong. 

In this current climate, it would do Nextdoor good to encourage small business, even extending free advertising. Some people are desperately trying to supplement their income, and should be encouraged, and they don't need this Edmund heavy handedness.

There should only be ONE LEAD in a household.

Here's a blatant advertising post.

Why would Kristen Edmund, her husband Jesse (both ND leads) and Sam Carini & his wife put likes against this post?

Kristen Edmund  almost always votes to remove commercially biased ads?

It's all very strange as they are blatantly advertising Carini's business.

Carini & Edmund were in collaboration on getting me banned for a month, for mentioning the embankment dam problems (NYPA) on Nextdoor.

The post was removed! My protest to ND was heard.

I've come to the conclusion that Nextdoor is the CAUSE of much of the disruption in Fairport. Having access to the 'behind the scenes' work of the volunteer moderators, I see now all the chicken **** trivial nonsense that goes on, as Nextdoor tries to keep the peace between neighbors. Unfortunately, they are failing badly, because often the moderators themselves are biased, puritanical, left of right winged.

Here is an example of one post slighted for removal, because it's allegedly 'commercial', yet the rules say a business can post twice a month for free.

So here are the 'rules'.

To provide some information on business postings:

Brick & mortar stores like restaurants or dry cleaners, or casual service providers, aka Neighbors for hire, like babysitters or dog walkers can advertise by purchasing Local Deals or posting up to twice a month for free.
Professional home service providers like real estate agents, home renovation experts, home insurance pros, home mortgage experts, rental property experts, vacation rental experts, and rental property experts can advertise by purchasing a Neighborhood Sponsorship, purchasing Local Deals or posting up to twice a month for free.

These posting are not allowed in the general news feed with personal accounts, as nextdoor has provided proper venues in order to advertise with business posts, and neighbors for hire. Again, these posts cannot be posted in the general news feed with personal accounts.


Most people have no idea about this, so their post gets deleted.    Neighbor for Hire ?   Try finding out where THAT page is.  So why do so many moderators (Leads) simply vote to remove a post if it is mentioning a business when all they need to do is move it to this page? Because no one can find the page. Especially when the rules say you can have two mentions a month for free. Who is keeping tally of that? 

It's a mess, this organisation says it's promoting 'neighborliness, but what it is actually doing is causing  strife by the poor moderation and policies designed primarily to protect its revenue source - advertising.

It's not about how Nextdoor helps Fairport, it's about how much money Nextdoor can help themselves to with advertising in Fairport, don't forget that.
Perinton Community Discussion / Re: Nextdoor Online Neighborhoods - Something is lacking here!
« Last post by Erie Canaller on August 02, 2020, 11:01:45 am »
The ECNA never fails to amuse, as well as educate.

Thank you for the laugh Mike, who is A. Nonymous? Give a hint, M or F?
This came out over the weekend about the final leg of completing the Empire Trail across New York

As you see a bridge was needed for this section, and most likely, extensive clearing of forested areas that never had a trail before. But the entire trail across the State will be done, and that should create the reality of the Reimagine the Canals group to make New York State the Recreational DESTINATION for the entire world.

Maybe time to take a 10 day bike ride?


This article was written by one of our members. I thought it deserved a spotlight! 

Nextdoor, all over the Rochester area, has been sending more reminders, more often, about what courteous behavior is, and that Nextdoor (ND) isn't about bitching & whining. Be nice in this neighborhood, or else you will pay!

It should be obvious to evertone that Nextdoor is being run by Aliens, in disguise. There is NO place on this entire Earth that the idea of neighbors getting along has ever worked. Not in small mobile home parks, or in large countries that border each other. Even people in old folks home can't get along. Put it all online, and the problem only becomes worse.

That is an alien concept and one that can't be from humans as we know it. The concept had almost no examples within mankind, and in the age of social media it's all gotten worse. No need to look further than Facebook & Twitter to see how social media has failed to be "socially responsible", and Nextdoor is only more gas on an already raging fire.

Only people "not from this Earth" would think up this idea of Nextdoor and some kind of Utopian Online Community, it can't possibly work here on Earth.

Mankind has been at war with itself forever, how dare Nextdoor Aliens think they can come to our planet and herd us around like cattle & sheep... designating who mixes with who and where. Fairport can't talk to Brockport, and many share common problems with a canal running through their backyards.

I see that your Nextdoor Fairport moderator Brandon, and another ND "sheriff", thanked you for your frank portrait of truth to the others. Maybe share this email with them for a laugh, or perhaps they can verify that "alien element" in our midst. And tell them this:

If there is a continuous need to remind people or customers to follow the rules, most companies will realize it's not an issue with who using the product, it's an ISSUE with the rules that the company thinks are needed for their product to work. Change the rules, or change the product, because you can't change the customers idea of how THEY want to use this product called Nextdoor.

Nextdoor will fail, as it doesn't represent what the customer really needs... and the management there most likely isn't smart enough to see it, despite the fact they are aliens. Good Social Debate on Matters of Public Importance, that's what Nextdoor should become. Aliens, Yep. Who else would push this fantasy? What's next? Nextdoor website will play Kumbaya when you open it?

Keep fighting the Good Fight,
A. Nonymous

Now for my view of Nextdoor;

I've come to the conclusion that the idea of the Nextdoor "neighborhood" is pretty much useless.

It reminds me of the corrupt way in which the Fairport School district ran the last election, where we were asked to vote on a $65 million school upgrade. They didn't advertise it much, so out of 40,000 eligible voters, only 3000 people voted, 2000 for, 1000 against. The school superintendent then proclaimed  the proposition had passed by a 68% majority, conveniently forgetting that most people had never even heard of the project. The truth is that the ACTUAL percentage stated should have been 2000/40,000 or 5% of the population of Perinton actually voted.

Nextdoor runs it's moderation program in a similar fashion, allowing two or three leads to totally control whether or not a post violates their 'rules'.  Unfortunately, this leads to people with narrow minds, or biased views, to totally control the conversations.  In our case, one or two leads who were members of the STCC, successfully blocked us at every opportunity.

What is really surprising is that ND Head Office don't get the importance of the dangers of unsafe dams in their neighborhoods, the REAL ones located below all these unsafe dams. And they also don't realize that just a few people have ganged up and are railing against the Erie Canal Neighbors Association, which is only working to advance public understanding of issues that matter. 

It doesn't really matter in the end, because the NY Power Authority plan to correct Canal Safety Issues looks as if it is completely on track, and those living under these dams will eventually be able to feel completely safe.


Here's the ORIGINAL POST from the Facebook Groups page... just to be clear about what was being discussed.

The comments are mine, but should be common sense to all... including the person who posted this

I couldn't resist... because we all like to learn new words. Just make sure you check the actual spelling

But Merrium Webster is to the rescue once again.

I guess there's been a "dearth" of word checking within the STCC ranks.

And that folks, goes right along with their dearth of actual facts, scientific support and most times, simple common sense with this Facebook Group and it's Leadership. They have zero evidence to support their claims that trees are safe, embankments are safe, and that they are working for the safety of the public regarding these 100 year old raised earthen embankment dams

But that hasn't mattered before and I'm sure it won't matter after they read this posting either

It's easy to see what the problem is... a dearth of intelligence from a group that wants to believe they are right when all indicators are contrary.

It never ceases to amaze me how much more drivel will come out of the STCC. Here's the latest.

Work with Scientists?  

Lizzy Remember Donald H Gray, your 'expert scientist witness'?  He said - "no trees on a dam", but you ignored him.

I guess you are referring to yourself as being an environmentalist?

But you don't even realize what illegal, invasive and controlled species are, and that they all work against the environment. Those invasive vines are mainly guilty of felling many trees and preventing wild flowers etc. from growing. Garlic Mustard growing along the Canal is a poison to the land and prevents healthy growth as well.

But, IF you are keen on helping the Erie Canal out, then please get in touch with the ECNA and we'll get you on the volunteer list and you can help down The Oxbow Trail. We do need some weeds pulled and flowers planted. 

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