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Look up Apathy in the Dictionary... It's the same as 50+ people looking at an Online Poll and only 5 people taking the time to add their thoughts.

Everyone seems to have opinions on Barge Canal Embankment Safety, Re-imagining a new Canal, and even how Village Taxes can be reigned in.

But few people, if any, actually care enough to get involved and try to initiate changes that will help increase the public's safety or their put money back in their wallets.

APATHY... right along with IGNORANCE these two seem to be the mantra for many folks today... "I don't know, and I don't care"

General ECNA Discussion / Re: Even well maintained dams are dangerous
« Last post by Canal Neighbor on May 20, 2020, 07:38:05 am »
News reported a heavy rainstorm just prior to collapse of TWO dams along this Michigan river. Midland Michigan had 7 inches of rain over the past weekend.

One dam had a recent inspection and received a FAIR rating, the other dam, the one that broke first, it had a recent UNSATISFACTORY rating, stating it was a possible hazard to human life.

Many canal embankments in our area have received the same unsatisfactory rating, and have been labeled High Risk.

NY canal earthen embankment dams are just an accident waiting to happen. Too bad most of the Rochester area is unwilling to admit the problem and would rather fight against work to repair an unsafe canal system.

General ECNA Discussion / Even well maintained dams are dangerous
« Last post by Michael Caswell on May 20, 2020, 06:27:10 am »
Dam Fails in Edenville, Michigan

Here's what this well maintained dam looks like, from a Google Maps photo.

Note the complete lack of trees and vegetation. It appears to have failed due to torrential rain and saturation of the earthen fill. The overtopping of the dam then washed away the dam.

What does this prove?  Even well maintained dams from a vegetation perspective are dangerous!

 The Sanford Dam burst on Tuesday after days of heavy rain

Another dam, as seen here with no vegetation, yet it failed.

NY Canal Corp Announcements & Updates / Canal Corporation posts NYS Canal Repair Schedule
« Last post by Canal Neighbor on May 16, 2020, 08:45:31 am »
This came out yesterday, notice it lists the repair location & reason for the repairs. Some repair issues are about safety of the syatem structures, embankment repairs, sinkholes etc.

Anyone saying the Canal doesn't need serious repair work is ignoring what the owners of the canal have stated.
Just in, and available online..when their website comes back up

You can find it on Fakebook too
The Westside Erie Canal Waterway section opening – Brockport Dam Fills Up

News flash. Brockport NY, May 14, 2020 – The New York State Canalway is being filled from east to west through Brockport.

If you look at the Profile of the Canal System you can see that normally we get our water from Lake Erie. That water flow is bottled up right now, due to Lock 34/35 Maintenance Work that still needs to be done.

So the Canal Corporation figured out there’s more water to use. They can also fill from east to west from the Genesee River

And from our vantage point the kayaks can be launched sometime tomorrow, it's half full today, still filling from the East

Come to Brockport and see the Erie Canal filled and ready for your recreational enjoyment.

Thank you New York Power Authority for getting this water flowing

Thank you New York State Canal Corporation for clearing Brockport East Dam and making it safe again.

Summer is here…almost.
This may become the #1 Question for all Village Taxpayers soon, if they become empowered enough to make a difference in their own "tax fate"

Please. take 5 minutes to read this information BEFORE making your own decision on local Village Government Reorganization

One Town, One Government,  Lower Taxes

Thomas, Thank you for your input, and sharing your concerns. But I'd like to take your statements and ask a few questions while we cover these thoughts.

First, there are other Towns & Villages in NY State with Colleges, that manage quite well, before & after Government Reorganization efforts were completed.  You only need to look at the long list of successful local government reorganizations in NY State to find a comparable Town & Village.

Do you really believe that the Town of Sweden government would simply let something like this happen, if the Village were to dissolve?

The Town has a Town Supervisor, Kevin Johnson, who also conducts "business" similar to the Village government, and they do it at a much lower cost already. The exact same services provided in the Village would simply transfer over to the Town if that is what the Village Government Reorganization Plan stated should happen. It all starts with this "plan" that is fully funded by the State, and can be started with a simple request from Mayor Blackman.

And if the Village was dissolved, then the burden of LEADERSHIP falls on Sweden Town Government to pick up the pieces, and create the "new look" for government in the Town of Sweden, County of Monroe, State of New York. They are plenty capable, well staffed and up for the challenge, from conversations we have had with them recently

There are Sweden Town Boards & Officials that cover everything from Trees, to Building Permits & Zoning. The Town of Sweden e-Code also covers MUCH more than the Village Code, in many cases, as the Town has wider spaces to consider when governing the local area. The Town has sidewalks, sewers, and yes, also has a water districts to sell water. If the Village Reorganization Plan said that Police should stay, they would, and also operate much like the Town of Ogden Police Dept would work. Towns CAN have POLICE too.

The only change, ALL government in and around the Town of Sweden ANSWERS to the Town Leadership & ALL of the Residents

In fact, if people thought aspects of the Village should stay, even the position of Mayor, that can also work under guidance from the Town Government, and only have ONE taxpayer-funded government in the Town, not two. That second local government in the Village is costing 50% of the Town residents (who happen to live in the Village) quite a bit of money, yet I'm sure that YOU as well as many Townsfolk use all these same streets, shops, and services like Annual Events & Village Parades

The Village of Brockport does NOT have to dissolve, just the elected government that runs it. Everything Brockport Village does now, could be continued under Town Government leadership & guidance. And it WILL be done at a LOWER cost to Taxpayers... that is a NY State Guarantee.


A better solution for some New York State Villages (maybe Brockport included because of the College aspect) can take the second Government Reorganization method to help local taxpayers... they can chose Village Consolidation instead of Dissolution. This insures that the BEST parts of the Village are worked into the Government Reorganization Plan and the entire process is approved by both Town & Village voters. This INSURES the majority is served best, not the minority.

And in my opinion, Village Consolidation is the preferred solution for BROCKPORT but takes TWICE as much work to accomplish.

In this scenario the Village residents petition the Village Elected Officials to consider moving under the direction of Sweden Town Government. This is the ONLY method that insures pieces of the Village, like a Mayor, those Board Membership Seats, and Police/Fire Departments remain to serve the entire TOWN, not just the Village. It also requires a Town-wide Vote & Approval of the Proposed Reorg Plan, which is where the extra work comes in.

This CONSOLIDATION is actually Government Reorganization that current Village Leadership should be embracing, not fighting, as it would insure that some of the Village remains intact to serve the best interest of the Village Proper.

The eventual alternative will be a total Dissolution of the Village, as Brockport Residents tire of their taxes always increasing to cover the rising costs of Salaries, Benefits, and Retirement funding. The majority of the current Village Budget, as much as 80% of it, is used for ONLY that purpose... employee costs.

Village residents fund the salaries and benefits of 35 Full & 26 Part Time Employees. They help manage 2.2 square miles of land for about 8000 residents. The work is currently "subsidized" by 8000 taxpayers living inside that small space.

Town of Sweden employee headcount is currently at 24 Full Time & 40 Part Time Employees. They manage the 34 square miles that make up the Town of Sweden for almost 15,000 residents, more than half live in the Village and help pay for these wages too

Here's the breakdown of COST for the Town & Village governments in our area from

Now Thomas, tell me what you think about these numbers. Do you still think the Village is "good deal". Would you yourself run a company like this?

I'd love to discuss your thoughts AFTER you see exactly how expensive it has become to live in Brockport, and why. The truth is that we have too many governments here in the Town of Sweden, and the MOST expensive is in the Village. That government has a long history of fighting with local Town Leadership, it reached a point recently where the Village & Town could not share the same building anymore, or even the same "10 Year Plan".

They have fought like cats & dogs for as long as anyone can remember

Hoping the Village Leaders will come to their senses and STOP overburdening their constituents has long evaporated in the Sweden & Brockport area.

It's time to stop "making excuses" for KEEPING a poorly run local government in operation and residents should be working together with the Town Government to end unfair Brockport Village Government Costs to the community at large.

Please, share more of your thoughts..because if we don't talk about it, the problem will never get fixed, and better solutions will never be tried.
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