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Can't say that we didn't see this one coming... I guess this Facebook Group's idea of being a "public" group only extends so far... The STCC is only open to the part of the public that swallows the crap being spewed by it's fractured leadership with a smile, and asks for more.

Sadly another voice of Truth & Reason has left the Facebook Group, and he can't even say goodbye!

Opposition to the Stop The Canal Clearcut Movement / Re: SEE! I told you she was crazy!
« Last post by Doug K on September 15, 2020, 09:56:08 am »
Maybe she is self diagnosing and assuming the root cause is trees being removed from Erie Canal embankment dams?

Of maybe she's showing her true intelligence to a group that doesn't care how their leaders act or what they might claim?

But based on the antics of Ms. Elizabeth Agte, there just might be a lack of oxygen surrounding her all the time...

This survey & in particular the statement about fighting against a public safety program, seems to border on "criminal" activity if all facets of public service are taken into account. Perinton residents, and those in the Village of Fairport should be not only worried about this, but also should be questioning the INTEGRITY of the Government Officials that are behind this survey and this apparent 'public negligence'

First, the Town of Perinton is asking it's residents if they want TAXPAYER money to be used to fight against a NY State Public Safety Program that is trying to fix a known safety issue with Erie Canal embankments. They have put the statement out that they are willing to put ALL of their residents in danger of flooding, in danger of having to purchase flood insurance and all of this nonsense will use taxpayer money.

They don't believe the Canal Corporation's video about Perinton Safety

They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be "protecting & serving" the public's best interest, part of their Oath of Office.

Once again it appears that these Eastside Towns that tried to stop the repair & maintenance work along the Canal Corporation's unsafe canal system were not content with forcing a State Required SEQR review, that has been done, now they just want to stop the public safety work simply because they want to, and also want to use YOUR money to do it,

Are Perinton residents sleeping on this one or are they just to dumb to realize the danger their elected officials are putting them in?

Maybe they will all wake up when FEMA comes knocking on their doors, telling homeowners they need to fork over $3000 for Mandatory Flood Insurance, because their own Town Supervisors & Mayor feel unsafe embankments are better for the community than safe earthen dams, and stopped the repair again.

Go read the SEQR report for this program, The Canal Corporation has been very clear on the topic of FEMA Flood Remapping if necessary, to insure public safety.'s-answer-to-leaving-trees-on-embankments-flood-insurance/msg1186/#msg1186

Is this just another example of that old saying: "You can't fix Stupid"?

Except this time that stupidity could have very serious consequences for many Perinton residents, both financially & with a possibility of loss of life

Not to mention that Perinton Taxpayers would be SUPPORTING one state agency bringing a law suit against two other state agencies... ridiculous!
Ms Agte's latest rant.

Puerile? Ridiculous? I'm almost speechless over this revelation!

Secondly -

On page 8 they ask  --

While limiting development may lower demand for Town services, it also limits the number of people paying taxes, because the Town would have fewer new residents to share the tax burden. Notwithstanding this, do you still support the Town purchasing more open space and thereby limiting future development?

Surely, this is a double edged sword?   They are going to spend LOTS of money purchasing land? and that will lower spending on services?  Either way, it sounds like we'll lose.

There is no attempt in this 'survey' to reduce existing costs. Our taxes are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL. FOUR TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE TO LIVE IN FAIRPORT AND PERINTON THAN EVEN PITTSFORD. Something is dreadfully wrong here.

Perhaps we should merge with Pittsford? They seem to have a much better handle on frugality.

Perinton Community Discussion / Town Of Perinton Cites Legal Action in 'survey'.
« Last post by Michael Caswell on September 15, 2020, 06:36:19 am »
If you live in the Town of Perinton, you'll likely have received a postcard requesting you take their 'friendly' survey to help them plan the next ten years.

What I find particularly disturbing about this 'survey' is two fold.

Firstly,  on page 8

I find it incredible that The Town of Perinton would take a stand against a SAFETY project and actually encourage residents to join in. Despite all the evidence that the 'lawsuit' they brought was to merely instigate the NYPA to carry out a SEQR study, which they have complied with, they persist in attempting to block A HUGE safety problem, which has been well documented by FEMA, USACE ASDSO, NYDEC and several other prominent authorities. 

There are hundreds of people's lives at stake, and they persist in this nonsense.
I believe the answer is a firm YES.

Will the general public like the changes being made to the Canal System in the name of Progress?

It's already apparent that many will rise and and fight against NYPA (New York Power Auth) and their  "Big Project" ideas.

It's wouldn't be the first time the New Yorker's had to steer the course for the next century of the Erie Canal, it probably won't be the last.

There is a very good article to read about how the Erie Canal has long been a blueprint for BIG project thinking.. go read it.

Now think about who owns the Erie Canal... the New York Power Authority. They are big plan people and also know how to make these transformation type projects happen. They also understand that the Erie Canal could be the cornerstone to a Greener NY State. They also create power.

Here's a few great reads on what the plans are for the Erie, compliments of the New York Power Authority, new owners, with BIG plans.

They even have a green project slated for Fairport, NY

It's all a result of RESEARCH & DATA that supports that for the very first time, in a long time, the Erie Canal may once again take it's place a Gem of NYS

The Erie Canal has MILES of southern exposure for Solar Power. The Erie also offers an endless supply of "moving water" for Turbine-generated water power. Both of these are the cleanest, greenest ways to create power, power that could soon replace fossil fuel power in this State. What if every New Yorker drove an electric car and had clean cheap electricity to use in their homes? Go look at the NYPA Website folks... it's water, wind and solar.

Is there any reason to think that the recent marriage of the Erie Canal & NYS Canal Corporation to the New York Power Authority wasn't going to result in another BIG IDEA coming from New York State, driven by New York Residents?

It's not hard to see that NYPA is the savior for an aging water highway that needs to be reborn, "reimagined" as something that can once again transform New York State,

We are witnessing the first steps in the Green Deal for the entire country, right in our own backyard, the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor.

And it all starts with clearing it off, making it safe & sustainable, fixing the issues and then transforming it into the 21st century POWERHOUSE that the New York Power Authority and New York State Canal Corporation always knew it could be.

If the Erie Canal stays the way it is today, unsafe and falling apart, it will surely have a certain death... from all that neglect.

Remember, most people prefer a butterfly over a cocoon, let's let the new owners show us what a BIG PROJECT can do for all of New York. Support the efforts to Reimagine a new SAFE and GREEN Canal, and NY State

The latest waterway announcement for the NYS Canal System... canals traffic will be closing in one month on October 14, 2020
For those in the Rochester area saying the Erie Canal Embankments in the western section are a 'dustbowl' and weed covered... you are wrong once again.

These photos were taken today... while they mowed a 1.5 mile long earthen dam.


Hasn't it been one of these two themes with this opposition Facebook clan: 1) a complete denial of the Unsafe Embankment Dam issue or 2) They somehow believe these trees and the canal are "theirs' as tax payers... both wrong.

Now I will start my reply by stating first that this post is NOT a personal attack of Ms. Agte, or any of the members of her Facebook group, this is only fact checking the information they are stating as true.

We, the ECNA, are not angry with this group, or their leaders, or their cause, we are just growing tired of the lies their leadership spreads and the lies members tell themselves. Especially in the light of so much science & factual information available about Earthen Dam Safety.

It's one thing to ignore you own safety, but it a very different issue when people lie about public safety to the public.

That's why the NY State Canal Corporation has been very clear about what they are trying to do along the canal, they are fixing UNSAFE earth dams, and only the ones that are unsafe. If that is every mile of the 127 miles of raised embankments, then that is what it is...period.

Here's this whole conversation from start to finish that Mike C has alluded to.. and you read for yourself. The Facebook groups OWN MEMBERS are trying to correct the beliefs and lack of understanding from their own leader, Ms. Agte, and of course are met with the same resistance to the truth as we have had.

The STCC wants NO part of the truth, they just want to perpetuate the myths they have created, and prolong their own 'fake news' so that innocent members will still follow them into their 'fool's journey'.

Here's the first set of comments by Ms Agte to her group... it was after an exchange where one member pressed the rest to learn the truth. The ECNA questions & comments are on the left column

Take a look at the greenest dustbowl you will ever see folks.. freshly cut embankment dam today...

And here's the first part of the conversation that Mike has shown that led up to Ms. Agte's posting. Note all of the items we brought up and underlined in these posts & comments

Now when I say "fake news" I do not do so lightly... take a look at this:

Go and take a look at that Discover The Erie Canal Website... one of the best we have seen for tourist information folks, and a good place to learn truth.


It's no secret that New York Power Authority has taken 'possession' of the Erie Canal & Canal Authority, just read the internet:,New%20York%20State%20Thruway%20Authority.

And go read the disclaimer on the New York Power Authority website, their emails & all their announcements:

Taxpayers do NOT contribute to the NYS Canal Repair, Operation or Maintenance... period.

And the New York Power Authority DOES own the canal, as a gift from the State, to try and somehow FIX it and MAKE A PROFIT... period.


For what it's worth, here's the rest of that conversation on the Facebook site for this group... sad that they won't believe their own members when they tell the truth & share the facts. Instead of thanking this Mr. Abele, the Founder of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group attacks that truth, and spurs others to do the same. That's the kind of leadership there is in the STCC, about the same as the White House these days.

My way or the Highway... says Ms Agte, Pathetic!

If anyone knows this Peter J Abele, please tell him to come and join the ECNA, he will become an instant Forum Moderator here, as he is a breath of fresh air from the 'stench' that comes from the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group on Facebook
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