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Village and Town Taxes / Fairport On The Rise?
« Last post by Michael Caswell on May 13, 2020, 07:07:31 am »
Here is the latest version of Fairport Village newsletter.

First, The Fairport Mayor's Message

I guess that the Mayor realises there is some difficulty in the village, and has done her best to be upbeat about the disaster that has befallen us all. The problem is there is absolutely nothing to be upbeat about. The Village consists entirely of small service businesses, restaurants, bars, gift shops etc. All of these have been closed by order of The State. All the bar tenders, waiters and shop assistants are out of a job, collecting (if they can get it) 'unemployment'. Many of these businesses will fail, jobs will be lost forever.

This is not a time to be upbeat, it is a time to realize the problem and take action to reduce the misery. Something this administration has failed to grasp.

2020-21 Fiscal Year Approved Budget.

The first thing that is troubling is that no residents had any say in this tax hike. FIVE inexperienced people raised our taxes in a time of crisis. They were not alone, we know the Town of Perinton has declared a reassessment of everyone's taxes by approximately $20-50,000 per property. Thankfully, they have decided to put that on hold for now. Then, of course, there is the $60,000,000 School Budget looming up. No one has mentioned what that is going to cost each resident.

Because sales tax revenues have decreased (there's a warning bell folks) our Village Officials look to the only fat cow there is to cover the shortfall, Village Residents - those same people who have no say in anything this board does.

It is so easy to simply keep tagging a few points onto the residents. But, these days, it has made many look at selling up and leaving. Fairport is no longer Fair to its people, except if you actually work for the village, then you're ok. Your pensions etc. are covered.

With a declared increase of $150 on a $200,000 assessed property, it is just one more reason why residents should look at an alternative form of local government.

Then they say "The Village continues its robust capital program and the residents will see new streets, sidewalks, A TRAIN VIEWING PLATFORM (for crying out loud), and considerable improvements to the canal bank"

In times of crisis, isn't this the answer to the problem?

These projects should be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY.

The tax hike should be rescinded. That would correct the Village shortfalls. Simple really.

Our taxes are OUT OF CONTROL!

Fairport Village residents are spending FOUR TIMES as much as even Pittsford.

Village and Town Taxes / Re: What do you like the MOST about Erie Canal Village Life - Take our Poll
« Last post by Thomas Mangan on May 12, 2020, 06:02:42 pm »
I like having a Village Police Department, and because Brockport is a college town, I like the fact the the Village Code limits the number of unrelated people (students) who can live in a house that has been turned into housing for college students. If the Village were dissolved, college housing in the village would become chaotic (to say the least).
Village and Town Taxes / Re: NOW!! WE NEED TO DO IT NOW!
« Last post by Doug K on May 10, 2020, 06:20:06 pm »
I would have to agree with this statement too...

Simply wishful thinking that anyone working for a village would leave their job to reduce their neighbors tax bills, sorry but this effort will most likely go nowhere.

But hopefully more people get tired of the "same old same old", and start to band together for change.

It will only go no where if village taxpayers let it, they have the power to change it with a vote.
Village and Town Taxes / Village Officials will never volunteer to leave their jobs
« Last post by Village Taxpayer on May 10, 2020, 11:21:56 am »
Simply wishful thinking that anyone working for a village would leave their job to reduce their neighbors tax bills, sorry but this effort will most likely go nowhere.

Can anyone remember a time in Fairport's history that the Village Leadership talked about too much government and the need to downsize?

Can anyone remember a time when the Mayor of Fairport ever said that village residents were paying too much for their local village government?

Does anyone believe the village would volunteer to eliminate the little empire they have built on the taxes of others?

Village Leaders who live in Fairport or Perinton, spend a few thousand dollars each for taxes like the rest of us, but they get a very large return in salary and benefits that they simply won't give up on their own. They say it's not in "our" best interest, but the truth is THEY are the only ones getting a DIRECT benefit from having the village remain in place, and spending their neighbors hard earned money.

It's called a paycheck, and it's currently in short supply these days.

Their answer to this Village Tax Problem is always the same, no matter what village you live in. Mayors, Clerks, anyone getting a paycheck from this simply uses one word for those who say it's wrong or unfair.


No one's holding a gun to your head to stay and pay those taxes they will tell you...move.

Move, if you don't like getting robbed by your Village Mayor and the others every June when your third Tax Bill arrives.

Stop complaining and just move away if you don't like the status quo, because NYS Village Leaders know that their best offense is simply denial that THEY are the problem, not the people they are telling to move.

Village and Town Taxes / Re: NOW!! WE NEED TO DO IT NOW!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on May 08, 2020, 07:11:02 pm »
See how far out of whack Fairport is!
Village and Town Taxes / NOW!! WE NEED TO DO IT NOW!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on May 08, 2020, 06:12:57 pm »
NOW would be a good time for The Village of Fairport to shelve their recent property Tax hike, for The Fairport School District to shelve their $60 million School Improvement budget, and for The Town Of Perinton to shelve their outrageous property reassessment hikes.  We are currently the most heavily taxed village on the canal, two to four times as much as even Pittsford. (see the graph below)

NOW would be a good time to consider dissolving The Village of Fairport. It would save the average homeowner about $2000 -$4000 a year. We simply can't afford this unnecessary layer of government under these circumstances.

NOW would be a good time for everyone to challenge these administrations and the way they seem to think adding more taxation is the way forward.

Our area depends on small businesses, and most employees are in the service industry, restaurants, bars, retail, etc  Not the highest paid jobs, for sure. . Many of those people are out of work, and are renting their homes. They wonít be able to pay rents, or mortgages. The Supt of Schools admitted 23% of our school children are claiming free lunches. That was BEFORE this pandemic hit us. 

THIRTY THREE MILLION NOW UNEMPLOYED - and the number grows daily.
I am horrified to think how many of them are in our area, and how many of these jobs (along with the businesses) will be lost forever.

Fairport and Perinton Taxes are out of control.

We need strong leadership, and a sharp knife to drastically reduce our taxation. If they canít cut the expenditure to a similar rate, at least to Pittsford's level, they should all resign - NOW.

Perinton Community Discussion / Fairport -re-open for business?
« Last post by Michael Caswell on May 07, 2020, 08:35:50 pm »
So, some folks are suggesting the village is opened for boat traffic this summer?

Just in case no one has noticed, the Erie Canal is a DIRECT LINK to New York City. One person stepping off a boat from NYC into Fairport could infect the entire village.

Advice from the Erie Canal National Heritage Group regarding using a "closed" canal system on both water & land.

For those of you who don't think safety is an issue with water being contained behind locks, earthen dams and the like...quite sure these folks all thought that too.

In the age of Corona Virus Confinement and the fact that people suddenly have lost their sense of what "Public Safety" is all about, it appears that the Battle along the NYS Barge Canal System continues... now it's about closure.

Here's a newspaper story about the continued closure of the Canal after the NY State Canal Corporation announced they will not open until safety maintenance & repairs can be made to key canal system structures. Those repairs were halted when the State Governor announced the NY PAUSE Program and labelled what would be called Essential & Non-Essential Business & Work.

People seem to disagree on those two terms now...and people also seem to disagree when Public SAFETY is put ahead of all other reasons for a closed canal.

Whether anyone agrees or not, whether the like it or not, or whether they will accept it or not, the New York Power Authority now OWNS the NYS Canal System. They are now responsible for public safety & safe canal operations. The NY Power Authority (NYPA) has never been known to cut corners on safety in the past, they will not be doing that now...especially with the recent canal inspection reports that paint a dire picture on the condition of the entire 100 year old canal system.

NYPA decided to insure the Safety of their workers, and the Safety of the PUBLIC in making their decision to not re-water the canal until annual maintenance is done...and that include the 10 year cycle on Lock Repairs.

NYPA decided it was time to clean off 125 miles of unsafe, tree covered, earthen embankment dams and created their Embankment Integrity Program

NYPA seems to be the only party in this state that is concerned about the safety of the public & neighbors along the New York State Canal System

And they have to do it in a public atmosphere that has now decided that safety, even in a pandemic, isn't worth as much as human lives, fishing and the short NY Boating season... not to mention a public Facebook group that is opposing the repair of those 125 miles of unsafe earthen dams.

When did insuring public safety become a point for debate?

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