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The Fairport School District has just completed an $11.2 million school bus parking lot and garage. In doing so, they have annoyed their neighbors by cutting down THREE HUNDRED TREES. So much so, that there was thoughts of suing the School District.
You can read all about that here.

It's a sad tale of broken promises, loss of privacy, increased pollution, diesel fumes with your breakfast is quite unpleasant, incessant noise of engines, glaring lights on 24 hours etc. etc

So, while all this was going on a few yards away from the founder of the STCC's residence, one would have thought there would have been a rallying call, and the usual barrage of indignant STCC members protesting the loss off trees.

Cut down 300 shade and barrier trees in the village that are on flat ground, not on an unsafe dam, and that is OK. No protests about that.

Cut down trees on a dangerous dam 50 feet above a village that could drown, and they bang their drum, chain themselves to trees, lie and cheat, etc. etc. 

300 trees along the canal is about 1/2 mile or more of embankment.

It seems some trees are different than others.

That is very odd!

Perinton Community Discussion / Perinton Town Cancels Property Re-assesment
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 23, 2020, 05:17:16 am »

There is going to be a long line at this re-assesment, if it ever takes place. This notice on the Perinton web page is the first step in waking our officials up to the fact that they are way off base with our taxes.

At least we now have time to tell them in no uncertain terms that we have had enough!  OUR TAXES ARE RIDICULOUS! NO MORE!

The Town of Perinton and Village of Fairport need a reality check. Some folks have sold and left. Seniors on pensions cannot afford these ridiculous fees which have trebles in the past 10-15 years.
Many have lost their jobs, probably never likely to return. Our properties today are worthless. The market is flat. Meanwhile our 'officials' are on full pay. Our town supervisor is the highest paid on the canal system.  They've got safe 'government' jobs,  at our expense, while we are all suffering.

There is no incentive for these people to be even looking at making savings, they spend OUR MONEY LIKE WATER!

It has to stop! And now is a good time.

Perinton Community Discussion / FAIRPORT SCHOOL BUS DEPOT
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 22, 2020, 04:53:31 am »

It cost $11,200,000!

Here is another project that appears to be voted on in the usual manner. Badly advertised and few actual voters.  Does anyone have the count numbers, or do we have another pet project foisted on an already over burdened, over taxed resident population?

As we struggle through the Corona Virus problems, we have to actually look at resetting our priorities.
Do we need our children in close proximity any more? Schools are a breeding ground for germs. Colds and flu and worse are spread through our communities from children.  Is home schooling going to become the future? Do we need all these buses? Do we need all these buildings?

How many people will lose their homes to foreclosure?  How many residents will lose their businesses and jobs? Already many are forced out of work. Who knows for how long, some say several months.

23% of our students are receiving free lunches, are considered living below the poverty line, yet they have to see this extravagance. Their parents could be single parent, and working in lower paid jobs, living on tips etc. Yet, they are taxed to death because of Fairport Schools.

Our biggest expense on our tax bill is for the schools, and unfortunately, it looks like they have a free reign into our pockets thanks to a lack of voters, and a lack of advertising their intentions.

The new bus depot is well on its way to being another drain on our wallets. Have you seen the lights on there, blazing away all night. Why? Switch them off please. It sets a bad example to our kids, and is not environmentally friendly.

Our village seems to like spending our hard earned money.  The most recent thing is these drain labels.

They look like ceramic, and there is one one every drain in the village. With the labor cost of the installation, that must have run up quite a few thousand dollars. Its a drain for crying out loud! Why do we need a sign on it. Any idiot could see if the drain is blocked, just make a public statement to ask residents to keep a lookout for blockages and remove them.

New signs for Oxbow Road. Really?  The village won't maintain this trail entrance, that my wife tripped over the uneven surface and had to be rushed to hospital with head injuries. She suffered severe bruising, and was sore for weeks. But they can put up brand new signs instead of simply cleaning the old ones. They were fine, but had gone green.

At the same entrance are these pads for the blind.  As you can see, these are already becoming a tripping hazard and have peeled up from the sidewalk. And look at the install. They actually ran some caulk around the edges. What purpose did the serve? It certainly wasn't for its adhesive properties. What a complete waste of time and money!
I have never seen a blind person in our area either. Surely, there are better ways to spend our money than this?  It's not like there is any traffic down this trail entrance, it is only a drive entrance for one residence. No vehicular traffic is allowed on Oxbow Rd. By the same logic applied here, every drive on Erie Crescent should have a pair of these on the sidewalk.

Perinton Community Discussion / There are so many things in this report
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 21, 2020, 04:50:41 pm »
That relate to our local government.   Times are changing, the old order is out.

Thanks for sharing Mike, small steps get the job done nicely.
Perinton Community Discussion / Re: An open letter to Fairport and Perinton officials
« Last post by Another Canal Neighbor on March 19, 2020, 06:21:17 pm »
Bravo. Chalk one up for town citizens, thank you ECNA
Well!   Common sense at last!   

Well done Fairport & Perinton Officials!


Yesterday, many of the businesses in Fairport and Perinton closed their doors! Employees were told to seek unemployment insurance. Most of these were in the restaurant and bar industry, noted to rely on tipping and not well paid.

You can almost guarantee that many of these workers were parents who had claimed on the school free lunch program, they would be designated by our school district as living below the poverty line.

Our school superintendent stated recently that 23% of our children fall into this category. That is a DISMAL record that everyone living here should be thoroughly ashamed of.

We, the ECNA, have proven that Perinton and Fairport are the highest taxed town and village on the Erie Canal.  See the webpage at for proof. It should therefore come as no surprise that some people can no longer afford to live here.

As this epidemic continues, with so many out of work and ill, and most businesses unable to survive, our property values are going to drop like a stone. People will be forced to sell up.  Many businesses will fail into  Bankruptcy. Foreclosures will be common, crime will increase, and our world will fall apart.

Village officials need to do something right now


We have far more important things to worry about now! Please give our residents the relief they need to survive this.

Thank you

Michael Caswell.

Erie Canal Neighbors Association
585 729 5255


See us on Twitter @ECNA_US
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