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ECNA Neighborhood News / Sometimes it's hard to imagine what people are thinking...
« Last post by Doug K on March 18, 2020, 09:30:30 am »
Just a story to share, from Erie Canal Neighbors in the Spencerport area...and it's hard to believe that someone would be this ignorant about safety.

Perinton Community Discussion / Re: A SOMBRE DAY! AND THEN ----
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 18, 2020, 06:44:15 am »

As the Trump administration seeks a $1 Trillion economic stimulus package, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reportedly warned Republican senators privately on Tuesday evening that if Congress failed to act this could happen:

US unemployment could hit 20% - almost double the jobless rate during the Great Recession after the 2008 financial crisis.
I was just adding a post to my Oxbow Blog and came across this page from last year. This says it all folks.

Here's a story about a Dam in England, it too suffered from a lack of proper inspections and repairs like the Canal Dams

Weeds and cracks in the concrete spillway are the problem, caused by a complete lack of maintenance. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Many people are living directly under this dangerous dam!  Doesn't that sound familiar?

Hopefully, our Perinton/Fairport dam will be cleared of illegal vegetation shortly, so inspections and repairs can be made. If this can happen to a dam made of concrete, the Erie Canal's 100 year old Earthen Dams don't stand a chance of lasting without immediate repair.

Perinton Community Discussion / A SOMBRE DAY!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 17, 2020, 04:00:05 am »
Monday March 16th was a day most of us will not forget in a hurry.

It was the day many of America’s businesses closed their doors. It was a day that for many small businesses will be their last. It will be the start of a flood of foreclosures as folks will default on their mortgages. It will be the start of a slump in property values. Property assessments will need lowering.

Walking through Wegmans in Perinton was an eerie experience. Somber faces of customers and Wegmans employees, and empty shelves everywhere. There were slim pickings indeed.

At our last meal in Applebees we were told they were closing their doors to customers at 8pm that night, and had no idea when they would open again. All the bar tenders and waiting staff had lost their jobs. So many people work in these service industries because we have come to rely on imported products, we have a very small manufacturing industry left. All those people are now wondering how they will survive, because many of them live from paycheck to paycheck. They are YOUR neighbors. Remember, Fairport schools have 23% of children who are receiving free school meals, because they are officially below the poverty line. I'll bet a large percentage of them are single parent families with the parent working in low paid jobs like the restaurant industry. This must be devastating.

Meanwhile, we have those working in ‘government’ jobs, who don’t have to worry. Their pay is guaranteed. Their medical bills are covered, their property taxes are covered. They rely on the rest of us to pay for them through taxation.

Which brings us to the other harsh reality for Perinton and Fairport residents.

Our ‘government’ has just imposed a harsh raise in assessed property values. Our taxes have gone up enormously in the past already.

Our town supervisor (who is paid more than $112,000 a year) spent an evening at a public meeting trying to fob us off with a comparison of the tax hike he has just imposed with another Town, Webster.

But, this was a rouse, a red herring. He should have compared us with all the other towns along the canal. If he had done that, he would have realized Perinton residents are paying more than TWICE THAT OF EVEN PITTSFORD. (see the ECNA charts). He would have realized our taxes have more than doubled in the past ten years.

To add insult to injury, these ‘government jobs’ boys have imposed a $65,000,000 school tax hike on us for the most frivolous expenditures, like plastic grass on playing fields etc). We have just forked out for a new bus depot which some are calling Fairport’s Taj Mahal.

These people are spending our money with careless abandon!  We are being taxed out of existence.  HOW DARE THEY! 

Now the schools are closed, people are beginning to realize there are going to have to be some changes. Do we actually need to have our kids herded into these petri dish germ infested places?  Is there now a case for reduced hours at schools? Can we use online teaching methods?  Our world is changing - rapidly.

The NY State GRACE act has been passed to help towns and village reduce the tax burden, but our ‘officials’ don’t seem to have any clue about it.  Residents need to embrace this law and FORCE our officials to implement it NOW!


With so many small businesses about to go bust, our local Perinton town officials need to put a halt to their unaffordable schemes, and immediately cancel the $65,000,000 school project, and repeal the property tax hike. 

Perinton Community Discussion / SCHOOL PROPERTY TAXES
« Last post by Michael Caswell on March 16, 2020, 07:07:06 am »
In Fairport, school taxes are out of control.
A $65,000,000 bill for a frivolous agenda has been passed by a vote of less than 2000 people in the Fairport School district.

We have a new bus depot that has ten gas/diesel pumps, when one could have done.  We're going to have plastic grass on our playing fields, I guess that is to save taxpayers from the horrific laundry bills from the mud and grass stains of our disgusting playing fields.

Then along comes this pandemic. Schools are shut down, buildings empty, kids are not attending the petri dishes we call schools.  Maybe this is a good thing!
Home schooling! Maybe this is the wave of the future? We certainly have the technology.
We could sell off all the buildings, school buses, cut down on teaching staff salaries, and much more. There would be far fewer epidemics of colds, flu, measles etc. etc.

Oh! Yea! This is the way forward. This virus could teach us all a valuable lesson.

No one disputes local village police departments don't do a good job, and it doesn't really matter which village is used as an example. They tend to use a Police Blotter to show their call logs and point at that to justify their existence and tax burden to their local village constituents.

The problem is simple. 

Many villages pay a big price for police. We need them to keep those who wish to wander from the straight and narrow straight. We use them in life & death emergencies, first responders helping stranded motorists, stopping wife beatings, even putting their lives on the line, you name it, they do it, every time. Precious people.

Our problem is, as tax payers, we are also paying the Monroe County Sheriff and the NYS State Troopers to do the same job. And they have stated plainly that if Fairport didn't have it's own Police force they are obligated top step in and take their place. It's not the village police who are at fault, or the Sheriff or State Trooper. It is the elected Village OFFICIALS who set up this ridiculous state of affairs, in the first place.

We can't afford two or three layers of police, and this is the most expensive line item on the budget.

Lets face it, those towns using just Sheriff departments to police are doing just fine. They are just as competent as any Village police department. For village police to brag about their work load in an attempt to justify their existence is demeaning to the local Monroe County Sheriff department.

So if you are, against all advice, going to keep a village police force, then it's obvious that you have to not pay for the County Sheriff policing. So how do you do that?  I am just asking.

Village and Town Taxes / Re: People are taking notice
« Last post by Doug K on March 13, 2020, 10:05:32 pm »
There are ways to fix this...point your iPhone camera here, or android...

Perinton Community Discussion / Re: Perinton Town Supervisor messes up!
« Last post by Doug K on March 13, 2020, 10:04:14 pm »
Point you smartphone camera below and learn how to fix this

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