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I posted this in answer to question 11 on the survey.

There is a group called Stop The Clear Cut who are petitioning you to keep the trees on unsafe Embankment Dams in Fairport & Pittsford.  See for THE TRUTH and how bad their ideas are.

They ignore the fact that FEMA, USACE, NYDEC and ASDSO and Dam Engineers Rizzo Eng all say the trees should be removed  to make inspections and repairs.

They ignore that Crystal Springs & West Fairport areas are in a dam hazard zone behind a 50' tall embankment dam.

You can read more of their nonsense & ignorant banter here -

Please ignore their nonsense. They are a bunch of pseudo-environmentalist with no regard for Human Life or Public Safety.

Note that Virginia Borden Maier is an instigator of this group. None of these people have any qualifications regarding dam engineering, or safety.

Once again people are missing the point about how this Facebook group is operating. They tell their members what to say, when to say it, and where.

Here's the group trying to "fix" the Public Input on a local Survey on how people like the Erie Canal. They want THEIR view to be the "public" view.

You can see the survey here :

And this group is calling their cause legitimate, while still failing to acknowledge they are playing with peoples lives & safety by keeping trees on earthen dams where they don't belong. And now telling others to do the same in online surveys. Of course they say it's in the name of the environment, somehow hoping to avoid all scrutiny.

What would you expect with STCC leaders providing foolish behavior, being followed by foolish people, who will one day regret being played "for the fool".

The Penny Pincher / Oatmeal Applesauce Bread - Pantry Ready Recipe
« Last post by Doug K on April 30, 2020, 03:01:38 pm »
Courtesy of local Healthcare Provider, Excellus

I'm not sure what the question was here...and the point Mr. Gallagher was trying to make, it's even a bit more elusive.

Is he saying that the canal should be filled because it's "invaluable"?

If he did he might have wanted to mention all the money local businesses and towns make due to the proximity of the canal to their communities. Simply stating that because people walk next to the canal on the Service Road makes the waterway invaluable, is a bit of a stretch for anyone, if they really understand the meaning of that word, invaluable.

Perhaps he stopped short of calling it "essential", which would mean that NYS Canal Corporation workers should be tending to the canal maintenance and inspection in his opinion. Maybe he thought invaluable & essential were the same words, and can be interchanged...hardly the truth but everyone's allowed to their opinion on that one...except Merriam-Webster, who writes a Dictionary.

After all, the group Kevin is writing to was upset about the canal still being closed due to missed maintenance & "essential" safety work during a pandemic.


The new owners of the NYS Canal Corporation (NYSCC), the New York Power Authority (NYPA), tried to perform proper Canal Embankment Maintenance and repairs right in Kevin Gallagher's neighborhood, and his answer was to join a Facebook Group dedicated to stopping any & all safety work planned for the canal in our area. And now Mr. G believes he has the "right" to complain about how NYPA and the NYSCC are handling their property during a medical pandemic? Really?

The STCC group wasn't successful at all in their quest. In fact 27 miles of unsafe Embankment Dams were cleared west of Rochester and the group was responsible for a NEW Canal Embankment Integrity Program that now plans to clear BOTH sides of the Canal, up to 200' wide, along the entire length from Albany to Buffalo. The project for canal dam safety went from about 50 acres of clearing to well over 1500 acres due to the antics of this group fighting safety.

So now the group who was fighting AGAINST canal safety repairs & maintenance is now the one complaining the MOST when SAFETY is the reason for the continued closure of the Canal system?

That hardly seems proper, and that's why we had to bring this one up... more sour grapes from a group who's failed to acknowledge the truth from Day 1

And having said that it's also good for people to know that Mr. Gallagher himself, has been labeled a "troll" by members of his own group, who are trying desperately to correct mis-information being spread by Mr. Gallagher and the rest of the STCC Leadership. Those few members are not having the affect they had hoped for.  Here's yet another time Mr. Gallagher tried to create a perceived "safety issue" along the canal and was once again corrected by his group.

There's a lesson to be learned here... but we won't go into that.  It would only fall on deaf STCC ears.

The Penny Pincher / Navvies Wedding Cake
« Last post by Michael Caswell on April 29, 2020, 12:01:53 pm »
Navvies were the laborers who built the railways and canal systems in England and the USA.  So this particular 'cake' would have been common around the canal system.

Here is an article on its history

Interesting to see that this type of 'cake' dates back to Roman times, and the inclusion of raisins ans sweeteners to bread was a common thing. It was probably the precursor to my Gt Uncles famous Lardy Cake and being in Wiltshire, the home of Bacon curing, lard was introduced to the mix.

Here's a recipe, but there are many variations so check them out on Google.

This post from the STCC Facebook site.

Yes Kevin, the canal is invaluable, so are the people's lives who live under it's unsafe condition.

I spoke to a gent yesterday who lives under the dam, and he seemed alarmed that folks like the STCC were preventing inspection and maintenance, especially as neither has been performed for years.
Before people run off and start sending emails to The New York Canal Corporation, NY Power Authority, or the State Government in Albany remember this one statement.

If you are going to complain again, about SAFETY work on the Erie Canal and how you don't like it, remember that the NYS Canal Corporation is first and foremost responsible for PUBLIC safety along the NYS Canal System, including Locks, Dams, Trails, and Trees.

The last time the Canal Corporation heard complaints about safety was regarding it's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program...and that hasn't gone well.

Here's the list of lock issues cited by someone as what still needs to be done on the Barge Canal before it can reopen:

Lock pump-outs and related construction work ceased along the NYS Canal System on March 17.

Impacted locks include: E7 (Niskayuna), E13 (Yosts), E19 (Schuyler), E26 (Clyde), E23 (Brewerton), E33 (Rochester), Locks E34/E35 (Lockport) on the Erie Canal, and C12 (Whitehall) on the Champlain Canal.

Until this work is completed, boats will not be able to travel between locks and vessels seeking to reach the Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain, Great Lakes, and Canadian waterways via the Canal System will not be able to do so.

You can learn more about these Canal Locks here:

LOCKS 2-10 -

LOCKS 11-20 -

LOCKS 21-35 -

Once again it's become a lesson in how the "public" perceives the message from the messenger...and time after time it's the same:

The public doesn't like the message, and wants to ALWAYS shoot the messenger, and as the ECNA has learned, they also want to shoot anyone who "agrees" with the message of Public Safety First along the New York State Canal

Here's an announcement from the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor regarding the decision to NOT open the canal due to safety concerns with missed maintenance and repairs due to Covid-19. They end their message with this:

As the National Heritage Corridor tasked with preserving and promoting the NYS Canal System for present and future generations, we continue to stand ready to work collaboratively with the NYS Canal Corporation and New York Power Authority at this critical time.
By a letter on April 8, 2020, we have urged the New York Power Authority and the NYS Canal Corporation to reconsider their decision to suspend essential repairs and construction in order to safely reopen the entire NYS Canal System as soon as possible and to ensure a timely and full recovery for all New Yorkers.

Sadly the ECNHC folks should be sending this to the State Government & Leadership who put the state on PAUSE.

Go READ this whole article,
Fairport Village / All Town & Village Leadership is out of Touch with Reality...
« Last post by Doug K on April 28, 2020, 11:40:44 am »
If you want any more proof that Fairport Village, like most Village Governments, are avoiding the "truth" about costly Village Government look no further than this graph below.

What you see is the cost comparisons of having local Governments "manage" spaces... and what's inside those spaces.

Both types of governments have buildings and employees, both have a main leader and governing boards to direct work. Each government can build their workforce the way they see fit to manage their needs.

Taxpayer in the Towns & Villages pay for BOTH governments in some way, shape, or form but the ratio of support changes based on location. Village folks pay for Village Government more than Town residents give, and Town residents pay for government support to provide resources in their Towns more than the Village residents do.

But each group uses both Town & Village resources and "space" in similar ways. The Town Government space can be larger, which in NY State most seem to be in the 30-40 square mile range. The Village Government space is normally smaller, and these range from 1-4 square miles normally. But each space pretty much gets the same work done, by people with similar skill sets, yet the Annual Operational Cost for the VILLAGE compared to the Town by space is extremely lopsided.

So if you were HIRING a business that managed land, cleaning it, moving snow, picking up refuse like branch/leaf debris & spring clean-ups and the like, would you want to pay MORE of LESS for that work?

Would you look for the company or business that can provide the work needed at a higher cost or one that was lower for the same list of work that needed to be done? Would you want a business that catered more to the needs of a few select local businesses or one that treated local residents equally & fairly?

Local Government IS a BUSINESS, it's supported with sales of water, collection of wastewater & processing fees, and also in some cases a Village might sell electricity to help defer it's overall operating expenses. By far the BIGGEST contribution to local government is in TAXES that the residents have to pay.

From what we can see... Village Residents are being treated very unfairly if you look at what is being offered, who is ACTUALLY using that Village, and how efficiently each local government is getting it's necessary work done.

Town people should pay more for having and using their local Village, and the Village folks should give more to support Town spaces, after all, that's where Wal-mart's & Wegman's are located. This arrangement is obviously NOT fair to Village residents who are paying MILLIONS for keeping a few square miles of land in order, when Town residents are paying in hundreds of thousand per square mile range?

Isn't it time to Reorganize our Local Governments to better serve the people of these Towns & Villages and NOT the local government leaders who can't agree how best to serve their taxpaying base?

Fairport Village / Another Nail In Fairport's Business Communities Coffin!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on April 28, 2020, 09:16:06 am »

You'd think the Village Mayor and Trustees would get it!  Their tax hike is another Nail. 

How many will survive? 

Totally out of control!
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