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For those of you saying "What can I do about high taxes" here's a start.

Email your MAYOR and ask WHY more isn't being done to lower taxes. Ask why he or she is NOT initiating a New York State Government Reorganization Study for your Village. It's free, and will show all taxpayers, and the village leadership EXACTLY where changes can be made to fix over-taxation, to fix redundant services, and to consolidate where possible with the Town to lower Village Taxes to almost ZERO.

Here's my letter that went out TODAY... because it's time for EMPOWERED CITIZENS to reign in out of control VILLAGE governments.


I missed the Budget Meeting last week, too many irons in the fire that day. But I have two questions you may want to find answers to as Village Budgets will become hot topics in 2020.

1) Will the Village of Brockport Elected Officials consider following the recommendations of New York State Lawmakers, by complying with the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act, and having a NY Village Reorganization Plan created to reduce this proposed Village Budget to Zero Dollars per Villages Taxpayer?

If the answer is No, I have a second question... please.

2) Why would elected Village Officials force village residents to undertake the more complicated method of conducting the Elector-Initiated Village Reorganization Study & Plan when their state leadership, New York Lawmakers, have already told village taxpayers that this Village tax burden is no longer required, and actually adds to the over-Taxation problem in our state?

Are you working in the best interest of the public you serve, or for your own self-interests making this new budget? It's getting harder to tell the more I've been reading about the NY State Government Reorganization folks may want to read this opinion piece. It's about the reality of what the Erie Canal created over 200 years of its life, including too many small governments that are no longer needed.

The ECNA has shared information & facts about Embankment Dam Safety to the public, so that intelligent decisions can be made about clearing earthen dams. We've done a good job of that, and that work continues as the new Canal Embankment Program continues where the original project left off.

We are doing the same work with the NYS Government Reorganization Act. It’s about information & TRUE facts and getting those in front of the public in a way they can related to. We are putting all information, all facts & truth, into one place, one location that can be used by those seeking tax "fairness" in NY State villages. We are also working with a few empowered citizens to take charge and ask their village leaders to consider following the suggestions of NYS Lawmakers to reduce costs.

And the message of expensive redundant government is ringing loud & clear

If you'd like to talk about this please reach out. We'd rather work together for the best solution for all, in the best interest of NY taxpayers, which is the essence of the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act.

Our goal is simple in the ECNA, request the FREE Village Government Reorganization Study to be performed (per the GRACE Act guidelines) from Elected Village Officials along the Erie Canal Corridor. Easier if the Village Leaders request it, but if needed it will be through Elector-Initiated means. That choice can be avoided, but is up to you folks.

One of these methods SERVES the public better than the other. One only serves to DIVIDE village residents, leaders, and townspeople. Asking if you and the Village of Brockport leadership will consider the best choice for Brockport Village residents and do it voluntarily.

Thank you for your time.

Doug Kucmerowski
Erie Canal Neighbors Association Co-Founder
Brockport Village Resident (25 years)

Village and Town Taxes / Village of Brockport Raises Taxes
« Last post by Doug K on April 15, 2020, 10:36:01 am »
In keeping with the theme of Mike Caswell's post, this isn't an "eastside" village tax issue. Out of control Village Government is a BIG problem these days..with NO end in sight. Here's Brockport's Proposed Village Budget, fiscal year 2020-2021

Now it's really easy for people to blindly say things like "It's a Village and it's there for residents". Or "It's the price you pay to have "Village Life". Bullcrap!

I took a good hard look at Brockport's Village Budget...sadly the COMMUNITY has been left OUT at the EXPENSE of Village Employees.

Here's how Brockport Village Budget is spending it's 2.3% INCREASE from Village Taxpayers

Digging just a little more you see this, the Village has CUT services to the Community in order to fund Employees, Benefits, and the Dept of Public Works:

And finally you see the real reason for the extra's all about Village ELECTED Officials hiring even MORE people paid with taxpayer dollars, to do the actual work. When is enough, enough? When will Village Residents realize what's going on and ask for the State-Funded Village Reorganization Plan to be done?

You can see the FULL Brockport Village PROPOSED Budget here:

And please folks, do NOT forget this:  The Town of Sweden already provides these same services, using Town Employees, that we are ALL paying for already through our County Tax bills every February. You can see their Information on the Town of Sweden Budget here:

Village and Town Taxes / Village of Fairport raises taxes
« Last post by Michael Caswell on April 15, 2020, 07:22:19 am »

How much does this add to our taxes? There seems to be no end to the increases.
Fairport residents!  Currently, it is impossible to collect physical signatures to invoke the GRACE study, so please sign our online petition.
If needs be, we will contact you later to collect a physical signature.

Thank you.

Here's the link!


An Opinion Piece... one that should make you think.

High New York State taxes, aren’t a myth. It’s not “fake news” or some hoax invented by someone looking for personal gain. The fact that New York State is the “highest taxed state to live in", for the entire country, should be a concern to each and every tax-paying resident in our state. We should be demanding answers, asking what can be done to turn this around. It’s time for citizens to become empowered and ask for answers... or maybe we don't know that the answer is already there?

Fortunately New York Lawmakers are looking at solutions for our high taxes, and have come up with methods to reduce the over-taxation of New York residents. In fact, a State Law was passed in 2010, the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act (or GRACE for short), with the sole purpose of reducing unnecessary tax collection in New York State Villages. It is a much needed change that most state residents know little about, especially how it can save them thousands of dollars per year. This IS an answer to high taxes in our state, but why don't people listen?

The GRACE Laws changed existing NY State Laws regarding “local governments”, making it easier to combine & consolidate Town & Village municipalities together and thereby reduce “redundant govt. services”. The GRACE laws also enabled local VILLAGE governments within New York the ability to obtain a Village Reorganization Study & Plan for FREE, just by requesting one from state leaders. That study and plan becomes the guideline the Village will follow, and also is voted on by Village TAX-PAYING Residents prior to adoption. All of this is an attempt to reduce the nearly 600 small local governments across the state.

GRACE also provided a method for those same “taxpaying voters” within a Village, to FORCE their local Village leadership, the 7 ELECTED Officials in a Village, to get this Government Reorganization Plan initiated. It’s supposed to be used when village leaders are “unwilling” to ask for the Reorg Plan themselves. It’s called an Elector-Initiated Village Reorganization and can accomplish the same goal through the voting process, forcing Village Leaders to initiate the Reorganization Study and develop the PLAN for the Village.
The goal of GRACE is to get these Village Reorganization Study & Plans completed, so that Village taxpayers can judge for themselves what the best course of action is for the Village Government & their TAX dollars required to maintain that Village Government. The PREFERRED method for this required Reorganization Plan is to be supported & initiated by Village Officials who acknowledge the GRACE changes, its goals, and simply ask the State Secretary for the Study & Plan. It's all free, yes...FREE.

Meeting this goal, getting a Village to initiate a study, is not always the case, even though everyone should understand that high Village Tax Burdens keep some people from spending tax dollars” elsewhere, which really might help the economy and those residents.

Instead, village tax dollars go towards perpetuating a level of NYS Government deemed “unnecessary” by this GRACE law. Why anyone would try to argue against the simple logic of this law is beyond comprehension. But this village government issue isn’t just about saving tax money, it’s about public officials who seem too afraid of what the GRACE Reorganization plan might reveal. It's about groups of village residents being scared in submission by their local elected village leaders, who seem more keen on keeping their positions, instead of serving the best interest of their constituents, their Towns and their State.

Elected Village Officials must realize that asking for the Government Reorganization Study is in every village resident’s best interest, but not necessarily their own. But they are ELECTED leaders for the Village, by Village Taxpayers, and if they are “hiding” the truth from those same folks they have “pledged” to look out for, there are not doing anyone any good…but themselves. We all understand about “self-preservation” especially in the area of jobs, but scoffing the New York State laws meant to protect “The People” just for Village leaderships own “personal gain” can’t be tolerated… at ANY level of Government in New York.

The reason the ECNA supports the GRACE work is simple, it holds our elected officials accountable, to the taxpayers that support them and that they are supposed to be serving. If for no other reason the Village Elected Officials should be initiating the Government Reorganization Study simply to bring an END to the division it is causing by NOT having done it already…it’s been 10 years. If NYS Lawmakers said it's time to study Village Government, it's time Village Leadership listened...isn't it?

What are your Village Leaders waiting for?

What are your Village Leaders hiding?

The SOLUTION to the issue of Local Village Reorganization shouldn’t be about anything else than FOLLOWING the LAW and asking for the State-Funded Reorganization Study & Plan, the same plan outlined in the GRACE law changes of 2010. That will show taxpayers the true cost of Village Government and how much they can SAVE if it is reorganized, consolidated or even dissolved.  The PLAN will outline what Village Services transfer to the Town. The PLAN will show where TAX SAVINGS are possible with little to no impact on services to the few square miles called a village.
Don’t be deceived, NO ONE can say what will happen in any Village under reorganization until the PLAN is created, and that is done by an independent third party, free of charge, just for the asking. So again, the ECNA believes that each Village taxpayer owes it to their state, to ask their own LOCAL VILLAGE GOVERNMENT to request the Reorganization Plan for their own Village.

The Village Leaders YOU elected should be held accountable to ALL New York State Laws, like the GRACE Laws.

It’s time to make that happen…

Listen to someone who has literally "written the book" on Village Reorganization in New York State.

There is a link to a Podcast by Dr. Lisa Parshall, who has written one of the leading papers on Village Dissolution and what it was meant to do, and if it's working. It's worth a listen and should make people think about their own plans for their Villages in NY.

Here's the Information on the audio podcast with Dr. Parshall

You can read more about Dr. Parshall's Work here:

If you live inside a Village and are tired of paying high taxes, there is relief in sight. If you do NOT take the opportunity to make changes to lower taxes when they have been given the opportunity, then shame on you for thinking someone eles should do it for you... get involved.

Take control of Unfair Village Taxes and Village Government run amok... Support Village Reorganization in your Town and Sign a Petition to force a Village Reorganization Study & Plan

Here's a link to our ECNA Blog on this topic:

We have launched a new Village Government Reorganization website that some Village Taxpayers may find useful in their attempt to lower their county tax bills. There is a law that provides a method for both Village Officials or Village Taxpayers to actively pursue VILLAGE TAX ELIMINATION called the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment or GRACE.

We placed all pertinent information on the NYS Government Reorganization And Citizen Empowerment Act (GRACE) in one location, to help those who may be trying to understand what's required to push their own local Village governments to obtain the state mandated Village Reorganization Study & Plan.

Most people do not know that Grace Funding will pay 100% of the cost for any New York State Village to obtain the required reorganization plan

We have included everything in one location, from the GRACE requirements, to local information on just how expensive New York State Village Governments have become. We have also placed a set of template documents for empowered Village Taxpayers & Voters to start their own Village Reorganization effort.

We have even created a web page for ALL VILLAGES, seeking to use the GRACE to reorganize, to have a common point to share experience & ideas.

We have also launched a print campaign through the Genesee Valley Pennysaver with our first advertisements going to the Fairport-Penfield-Webster Edition and the Tri-County Pennysaver Edition. You can see the pictures below of those recent ads for Village Reorganization.

Here's our first print message, you can scan the QR Code to be directed to the new website

Our second Genesee Valley Pennysaver ad will be going out in the next few weeks... it's message will hopefully hit home a bit more with the many overtaxed Village residents along the Erie Canal, and throughout New York State. Many Village residents are tired of the UNFAIR tax burden for the Village that the rest of the Townspeople do not share equally in.

Thank you all for your support, and for visiting the website and for supporting this forum through readership and sharing your concerns & comments.

Virus could push half a billion people into poverty!

With 23% of Fairport children already receiving free lunches because they live below the poverty line, one can only imagine what the numbers will be in the next few weeks as our local economy tanks. So many parents work from paycheck to paycheck, and also work in the many service industries in the village, like restaurants and retail. 90% are out of work.

Seeing as Fairport and Perinton spending is already out of control, perhaps the $65,000,000 school budget plan should be abolished.

Let's also consider that the figures quoted in this budget election are incorrect. It was stated that 68% voted in favor of this budget, and nothing could be further from the truth.  Out of under 3000 voters, approximately 2000 (68%) voted for the budget, but there were over 40,000 potential voters. Many of them have told us they had no idea this was on the ballot. The election should be rescinded as it was poorly advertised and only 7.5% of the electorate voted.
There should be a bylaw which states that at least 40% of the electorate must vote before it can be passed. That will stop special interests approving pet projects.

Stop the madness and dump this new school tax project. We can't afford it any more. Things have changed.


Well it's official, another delay of 3-4 months for Embankment Integrity Program work in Western NY, due to Covid-19 virus quarantine efforts put in place

You can read about it here -

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