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I've eaten Knotweed, fried it sauteed it in butter, eaten it raw in salads too!  It's ok, but as a substitute for red wine, Nah!  Give me red wine any day!

I would challenge ANYONE that thinks or says that the 2018 version of the Oxbow is better than the 2020.

It's not a matter of opinion... it's supported with pictures that have 1000 words each.

Here's the Oxbow Trail in 2018... the list of words starts with TICKS, then gets worse.

Here's the Oxbow now in 2020. And the first word is Beautiful, followed by safe, scenic, shady, and parklike...

If you want to keep the Oxbow Park & Trail like this, support the Gavelis Family as our next Sponsor.

While some folks may be quick to seize on the fact that this "bug" is also an invasive species, the simple fact is that it will kill the Knotweed which is a bigger issue. And if it eats too much, it will destroy it's own habitat... and then it too will be gone with the Japanese Knotweed.

The studies on this Natural Enemy of Japanese Knotweed show it doesn't lay it's eggs or feed on anything but this invasive knotweed. You can read about the insect and the research here:

But as practitioner in the Science of Sustainability, I would also point out that the issue here is simply "perception" and how people solve problems.

You can try to "take away the problem" like what was done here with a plant eating bug. Or you could look for the way to "make something out of the opportunity you have". Most of us know this as making lemonade out of lemons. There will be insects eating this plant along the Erie Canal before you know it, especially in the Oxbow Park where it's almost out of control.

But there's a HUGE missed opportunity here, and one that would solve so many other issues, on so many levels, it boggles the mind that no one is thinking about this as a solution. This problem could be solved without feeding bugs, and start a whole new industry here along the Erie Canal.

Japanese Knotweed, it appears, does have some very benefits that are being overlooked. It seems that this plant, in powder form, could be a substitute for the "red wine" benefits of a heart health and body cleansing. You can read more on that here:

And someone could be making $50 per pound (dry weight) for the plant if they turn it into powder and sell it online.

Here's the benefits of Harvesting Knotweed vs Bug Consumption

There is an "environmental" group operating in Perinton & Fairport who's always looking for something to do. They could become the "farmers" and start helping to CLEAR the invasive species so that it could be processed. Maybe use the old canning factory to grind it up, dehydrate and get it into powder form and can it for sale.. Fairport Knotweed Farmer United Brand. This would get them doing something productive instead of always fighting against public safety programs that are designed to clear unsafe embankments.

And the amount of auto accidents from all those former red wine drinkers is an added benefit, that will extend throughout the area. I do believe that Fairport/Perinton are the largest per capita consumers of red wine (and all other colors) in the Greater Rochester Area, maybe someone can find that answer. Let's not even mention the reduction in DWI/DUI and associated court costs to all of us taxpayers.

This Japanese Knotweed powder can even lower Bad Cholesterol... wow.

Someone is sleeping on this one, maybe the New York State Canal Corporation should take a look, they can earn a little more money on this Knotweed... to pay for those "privacy trees" that they can't seem to plant in Brockport... I'll stop there.
After 2 years of working to turn an overgrown jungle of tick infested ragweed & 100 years of trash, into a serene walking trail and park along the Erie Canal's Oxbow Lake, it's time for younger folks to take over this New York Parks & Trails adoption. The ECNA has contacted the Canal Corporation, along with NYS Parks & Trails, and requested a transfer of sponsorship for the park to one of our most ardent supporters and Trail Volunteers, and his family.

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Caswell who volunteered to do what NO ONE in Fairport or Perinton was willing to do...stand up to those who thought a "wild" trail was best. Mike took on the challenge, gathers volunteers and started the efforts to take over this area where the last group (boy scouts) had stopped working due to "neighborhood" pressure from a mis-guided environmental argument.

Everyone loves the new look, the safety, and the fact that people visiting the Trail & Park can now access the water and have a picnic without becoming "tick bait".

An even bigger thanks goes out to Erie Gavelis and his son Ever, for stepping in to take over and keep this dream alive. Eric fully understands that it's more important to watch over the safety of humans using the Oxbow Park than to give in and allow "nature" to take over this beautiful spot and make it less "human friendly" and more a haven for ticks & trash. The Gavelis family has frequently joined in to help with trail maintenance over the past two years and will continue to insure that Fairport Residents have a safe, clean park & trail to connect all the local neighborhoods that touch this unique feature on the Erie Canal.

Go search "houses for sale" on the Erie Canal, slim pickings. This one hasn't been up in 25 years.

Go and take a look at the ECNA Marketplace, here's a nice late 19th century Erie Canal Original homestead

Or if it's easier, open you camera (or have a friend open theirs) and point it at the QR Code Below


So many people love the New Oxbow Trail since we (the ECNA) have cleaned it up and mowed the grass. It's so gratifying to see locals fishing, walking their dogs, bike riding, and kayaking between the islands.

It shows when we have been helped so much with the cost of mowing. It's too much to do with a ride on lawn mower so we found Scott  Giali who does it with his brush Hog very reasonably for us.

Here are the people who gave donations towards The Oxbow Upkeep.

Daniel Bahr donated $50

Lisa West donated $100

Sandy & Doug Kucmerowski donated $100
Zay Lynn Bailey donated $10
David Walker donated $50

Rosi VanSickle donated $25
It's a hidden gem in our "backyard."  We love to bike and walk through that area!

Earl Knab donated $20

Michael Yonkers donated $20
We care!!!

Michael Medden donated $25

Sonja Kreckel donated $50

Doug & Sandy Kucmerowski donated $100

Laura Schmidt donated $75


Curtis Broadbent
Jane DeMeis
Ken Fischer
William Forster
eric gavelis
Ever Gavelis
Scott Giali
Kulika Kim
Douglas Kucmerowski
Nate Ruder
William Schneider
Sarah Sennett
Mark Sennett
Mike Yonkers

Fairport Village / Re: A SOMBRE DAY!
« Last post by Michael Caswell on July 03, 2020, 06:06:57 pm »
It's the third of July, and things are worse now than the day I started this thread. A mssive rise in COVID infections, thanks mainly to irresponsible people not wearing masks and partying as if they were immune to this.

I predicted we would start losing  businesses and the very first one was quite the shock. THE BONEFISH at Eastview. Doors slammed with no notice - gone! Permanently it seems.
Almost next door The DISTILLERY. closed permanently.
My wife and I eat out  lot, so we've been to several restaurants just lately. I cannot imagine how most of them will survive, they have very few customers.

Best service  = Applebees!

No news from The Village of Fairport - they are still in denial. Still  implementing their tax hike.  It's time this village was dissolved. It will save us all a ton of money.

Funny that few people who walk or live next to the Erie Canal Trail saw any of the solutions for cutting grass on these steep canal embankments after the Canal Corporation said that Trees have to go and Grass has to replace it. Grass is the ONLY vegetation allowed on Earthen Embankment Dams according to all experts and facts.

Many have said they would not be able to mow due to steepness... so the Canal Corp found the right mowers. Zero Turn, Track Driven

This guy cleaned a 400' long dam in about 10 minutes..

And he also runs a remote controlled cutting robot lawnmower, to do areas that this new track mower can't navigate to.

It does a great job clearing 5 foot high grass... and it was mowed twice

And if there are still folks who doubt these are "real dams", Here's the view from our second story window.

So, mystery solved, embankments in Brockport cleared by the EERP project are clean again and it was quick & easy.

Never doubt the persistence & expertise of good Dam Owners, especially the New York Power Authority.

Looks like these DAM OWNERS know EXACTLY what they are doing.

Lightening striking twice on this same entrance to the Oxbow Lake Trail and Park, another massive tree down, blocking trail access.

But the ECNA sent it's Top Guys out to cleanup the mess, a couple old guys with weed wackers and a mini chainsaw.

And the usual band of volunteers showed up to help, Eric Gavelis and kids

Just in time to clear the shoreline of weeds so these Junior Fisherman can get a line in the water and fish for dinner

And just a reminder, the Erie Canal Neighbors Association does maintain this 4 acre Park & Trail, that's why we are help

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