Author Topic: Cracking Dams! Cornell offers online education about Dams for all age levels  (Read 24 times)

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Maybe one of the BEST websites we have found to educate people about Dams, and what causes them to crack & fail.

It's written by Cornell, and is available here :

There are 3 main levels of instruction based on age or understanding of the interested reader. For the younger audience, or maybe for those who still are trying to deny that Canal Embankments are "real dams", you may want to start at the "beginner level".

For most folks who have an interest in the Erie Canal and it's Embankments, the Advanced Level instruction will be easily understood. Of course it does expect the reader to have the understanding of an 8th grader.

And if you want to REALLY understand the issue with Erie Canal Earthen Embankments and what might cause their failure, you might just want to jump into the Embankment Dam training sections.

The webpage is interesting, informative and educational... and a suggested reading for all Erie Canal Neighbors who live BELOW the 125 miles of Raised Earthen Embankment Dams that runs across New York State, holding the Erie Canal water in place as it makes it's way from Albany to Buffalo. If you like it, sens a comment and also, pass the links along to others.