Author Topic: Dam Hazard Zones - Hazard Creep Explained  (Read 40 times)

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Dam Hazard Zones - Hazard Creep Explained
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:33:37 pm »
The affects of long term lapses in Proper Dam Maintenance & Remediation has to be what's known as Hazard Creep. While many of us living directly adjacent to the Embankments see the water daily, those living below the water level, even miles away, are still under the same threat of flooding & devastation should a major breach occur.

Hazard Creep places hundreds to thousands of Erie Canal Neighbors at risk, some who may have never recognized the "hills" leading up to the Erie Canal near their neighborhoods are actually overgrown, non-maintained Dams. These dams are rated unsafe at the moment, this Erie Canal Corp project is working to reverse that rating and restore these outboard slopes back to their original, safe state, like new.

The video included explains Hazard Creep very well, take a look.

If a breach occurs the facts are this.. within minutes of a major breach in ANY Embankment there will be around 3000 gallons of water escaping per minute. More than 100 million gallons of water total could flood downstream BEFORE the Canal Corporation can close the closest flood gates to reduce the amount of water lost. This is far worse than any precipitation type flooding shown during natural disasters, this is a wall of water that will change our neighborhoods forever.
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