Author Topic: Only ONE US State does not have Dam Safety Regulations, it's not New York  (Read 38 times)

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All of the Embankment Integrity Program work happening along the Erie Canal, that is being done by the New York State Canal Corporation (NYSCC) & parent New York Power Authority (NYPA), comes down to ONE SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING...

What does New York State REQUIRE of all Dam Owners in this State?

This holds true for all dams that are earthen type, and those dams that are made of concrete, and yes, those raised Canal Embankment Dams that are being repaired by the new owners, NYPA. That's because there is only ONE state in the entire US that doesn't have any kind of statewide dam safety guidelines, laws, or dam safety manual.

That state is Alabama.

And this is where that information can be found on ALL of the States, an online guide for all States regarding Dam Safety

Now I could spend time putting the New York Info from this Guide here but would rather show you what's actually in the New York Regulations for these Embankment type dams. That is all available on the State's DEC website, and here's what NY State says about Vegetation on Earthen Dams and what has to happen:

And if you search the internet by US State, you will find similar examples from many states. In fact, most US states also have published memorandums on Dam Safety Best Practices for Vegetation on Earthen Dams. Here's a few nice examples below for you to review or read. Some are Dam Safety Manuals or Guides, others are actual statements released regarding Overgrown Vegetation causing Dam Issues





Between all these Dam Safety Laws, Guidebooks, Manuals and Memorandums, even the casual reader will soon understand the simple truth is that NO STATE believes that overgrown trees should be on ANY EARTHEN DAM or EMBANKMENT.

It's not opinion, or a belief... it's a statement based on Engineering & Scientific research, along with years of real world experience looking at many MAJOR Dam failures in this Country. Every state in the country, EXCEPT Alabama, seems to know & understand the truth about dam safety and why it's important for residents of those states.

But still Alabama wants to deny a problem could even exist.

Of course, there is also a population in New York that must be part of  another "state", one that wants to disregard the facts, the science and the Engineering around Earthen Dam Safety.

For these folks who live in this "mental state" it comes down to "state of mind" and a "belief" that they can "deny what they do not understand". It's often called a "state of denial". It's real, and it a dangerous way to think, especially when the safety of the general public is at risk.

Whatever the case, those who would believe there is NOTHING wrong with Erie Canal Embankments, even though the OWNERS of the Canal System have stated otherwise, do so without considering the danger they place their families in, and also the many Erie Canal neighbors in those communities along the NYS Canal System.

Call it for what it is... self-centered, selfish, & senseless people ignoring public safety.

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