Author Topic: The Oroville Dam Failure - similaraties with the Erie Canal Embankments  (Read 56 times)

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In this video you will learn that many of the small problems in the engineering of this dam were the cause of its failure. Design being a major contributor and poor maintenance and repair being another.

Many engineering common practices were either not included, or weren't done properly.

"Periodic reviews of the structure's design, as required by regulators, should have recognised the deterioration and addressed them"

Sound familiar? The NYPA had made folks aware of the 'inherent weaknesses' of the Perinton Dams, but those have all been ignored or scorned on by people who have no dam engineering knowledge or training.

It amazes me that these 'officials' seem to think they know better than the NYPA, FEMA, ASDSO, and USACE.

Our dam was built over 100 years ago, using horses and carts, without the knowledge our engineers have learned from bitter experiences of the many failures of Earthen Embankment dams.

There are so many DAM rules that have been flouted here, and no one, except the NYPA, is concerned.

The video also touches on the folly of constructing residences in the shadow of a dam.

And the Perinton dam is as bad as it gets. Who will get the blame if lives are lost? Those who allowed building permits? Or those who challenged the NYPA? Or both?

Here's the video.
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Ran across the video of how the Oroville Dam was built back in the 1960s. Well worth a view to see how a well engineered earthen dam was constructed, the tallest in the USA.

And remember, living below this enormous dam (as it started to show signs of failure) were 200,000 people who had to evacuate in 2017.

“BUILDING THE OROVILLE DAM” a 1968 Goodyear Tire Company Promotional Film