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Three Documents Explain the Entire Canal Embankment Program


Doug K:
A reminder from a group of "friends" of the ECNA... while they debate semantics we want to share the information and pass it along.

Here are web links to the THREE best documents that describe exactly what the Issues are that plague the Erie Canal these days.  They also provide the keys to proper management of those flood safety problems that are being applied in the western half of the US.

These are from the Dept of the Interior and are a SET of Guidelines dealing directly with Embankment Dam Safety and what are the leading cause of issues...

As you can see... it's Woody Vegetation & Animal Burrows... all issues we have along the NYS Canal System

These are the best summary documents available to understand why our own Erie Canal Embankments are UNSAFE and need to be cleared, , inspected then repaired, and finally have proper grass vegetation replaced. I suggest everyone living near the Canal System take the time to read them...

It Could Save you Life

Doug K:
And this video on the issue of Animal Burrows on Canal Systems says it all

You can find that here: Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation... they did a video contest and that was the winner.


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