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Trees and Brush on a dam
« on: October 04, 2021, 12:11:54 pm »
The establishment and control of proper vegetation embankment, then the stump should be ground is an important part of dam maintenance.

Properly maintained vegetation can help prevent erosion of embankment and earth channel surfaces and aid in the control of groundhogs and muskrats. The uncontrolled growth of vegetation can damage embankments and concrete structures and make close inspection difficult.

Trees and brush should not be permitted on embankment surfaces or in vegetated earth spillways. Extensive root systems can provide seepage paths for water.

Trees that blow down or fall over can leave large holes in the embankment surface that will weaken the embankment and can lead to increased erosion.

Brush obscures the surface limiting visual inspection, providing a haven for burrowing animals, and inhibiting the growth of grass vegetation.

Tree and brush growth adjacent to concrete walls and structures may eventually cause damage to the concrete and should be removed.

* 2021_Trees and Brush.pdf (319.1 kB - downloaded 4 times.)
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