Author Topic: US Army Corp of Engineers Technical Specs on Dam Landscaping  (Read 45 times)

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For those who are still unsure of what the NY Canal Corp's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is all about, it is very simple... following recommended guidelines for their Flood Control Structures..  namely the raised waterway embankments that make up 1/3 of the main Erie Canal system.

It's all spelled out neatly in this document from the US Army Corp of Engineers, one that was on the NYCC's recommended reading list

Now we know many just roll their eyes back when these "technical" papers are highlighted so we will explain the whole issue of Embankment Dam compliance in pictures.. 4 of them.

Here's the COVER page for ETL 1110-2-583

Here's the PURPOSE of this document... paragraph 1 of the guide

Here's the key explanation around allowed vegetation and barrier plantings

And here are specific paragraphs about Vegetation Free Zones & Embankment Dams

That folks is EXACTLY why the NY Canal Corporation has started this Program of systematically addressing Erie Canal safety with it's new EEIP rollout, expected to start in Fall/Winter 2019
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