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Why grass is good!
« on: March 13, 2021, 06:01:12 am »
Why is grass good?

Well!  Cows like it, and it makes them produce more milk!

And cows make more milk in the Springtime, when the grass grows faster, because it rains more on that grass, making it grow quicker & greener.

We've all seen the Spring Flush of grass, that bright green color that is so startling.

But, you can also see this same phenomenon later in the year, when the long summer has burned off some grass, and it's turned yellow. It will happen AGAIN, when someone uses a sprinkler on the lawn, those yellow areas quickly turn bright green with a fresh spray of water.

If you happen to have an earthen embankment dam in your backyard, and it was just covered in grass, like all the experts are telling you it should be, then if there should be a fault or leak in the dam, the TALL, GREEN grass would be an early indicator of the presence of water, which on an earthen dam means there is a leak.

However, if your dam looks like this one, then you'd never see those signs.

One more reason why these canal embankment dams need to have a grass covering.
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Doug K

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Please, the ECNA implores ALL Erie Canal Neighbors and Community LEADERS along the Erie Canal, to listen to the REAL experts on proper embankment safety measures, including why grass is the ONLY allowable covering for earthen embankment dams.

Who are the experts you ask?

It's the people who get PAID to protect our State & Country by creating MANUALS about Dam Safety.

It those people who have researched enough case studies of Dam Failures to write intelligently about the Topic of "Proper Embankment Vegetation" for earthen embankments.

It's established agencies like FEMA, The US Army Corps of Engineers, and The Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

The EXPERTS have written Dam Safety Laws and Guidelines of New York State, set by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) safety standards, and published on their New York State DEC website under the Heading : DAM SAFETY.

Of course you can try to convince yourself that you will get the same level of information on Earthen Embankment Dam Safety from a group on Facebook, who is trying to save "shade", and prevent the Canal Corporation from actually fixing their "non-compliant" dams.

I'm sure the leadership of this Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group has credentials that shows their expertise in Dam Safety, and that they have read and understood all of the Dam Safety rules mentioned above.

Wait, the LEADERS of this group have already stated more than once, that all of these "facts" aren't needed. They ALL have a "gut feeling" and they share the "opinion" that there is nothing wrong with the Erie Canal, that having trees on earthen embankments is OK, and the owners of these embankments do not know anything about their own property, and the danger it presents to the public.

So much for finding any "truth" on Facebook
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