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Author Topic: Are Wayne County Towns & Villages Against Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance?  (Read 71 times)

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The answer should be a resounding NO!

Erie Canal Embankments are actually a form of Earthen Dam, specifically built for Navigation purposes. Like any other water-impounding structure, they need regular inspection and maintenance work done, to insure they are functional, sound, and that the communities & public are safe, especially those who live below the Erie Canal, in the Embankment Flood Zones.

Why would anyone be against proven methods used to "improve" the safety of the public around earthen dams?

But once again the public can easily be deceived by some "well-meaning" citizens who go on social media to discuss why they "think" the environment should be more important than the safety of those living below Canal Embankments.

Before all that starts in Wayne County, here's some information on where Erie Canal Embankments are located there.

The New York State Canal Integrity Website Map shows that Wayne County has some LARGE and LONG earthen embankments, a total of SEVEN.

And there are also 6 LOCKS located in Wayne County, showing that the area is very hilly, changing topographic elevation levels, that had to be overcome by Locks to raise or lower the waterway traffic.

Each of those Locks are a danger all together different than a plain earthen dam. Here you have the mix of old cement, unstable earth supporting it, and any leakage can mean a breach, very quickly.

It would be very wise for Erie Canal Neighbors east of Monroe County, to learn a lesson from their friends & neighbors to the west.

Be careful if you decide that fighting against a NYS-driven, public safety program to inspect & maintain your high hazard embankments seems like a "good idea".

Remember that the NYS Canal Corporation has provided ample proof that there are serious issues with canal safety, and it all starts with TREES growing in the wrong place... on an earthen dam. All Hydrology & Dam Professionals say the same thing.. No Trees on Dams.

They have facts, science, and the Law on their side, and those who seem to object to, or deny the safety issue, seem to only have their valued "opinions and thoughts" to support their denial of public safety around aging embankment dams.

It is never a good idea to say that Earthen Embankment Dam Safety is NOT a PRIORITY to the general population of Canal Communities!

And even worse, saying that "saving trees and shade" are more important than trying to prevent an embankment breach and flood...that could kill people.

After all, it's a pretty callous person who says (or thinks) that the lives of trees & weeds growing on unsafe earthen dams, are more important than the lives & homes of people & communities living below those unsafe, tree-infested embankments. Or at least most people would think so...
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