Author Topic: Canal Corporation Routinely Checks for NYS Canal & Embankment Leaks  (Read 35 times)

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Many Rochester people have been concerned about NYS Barge Canal Embankment Integrity these days. Some are wanting to deny there is an issue with a canal that is leaking, others are concerned how it might affect their neighboring properties or communities. Most earthen dam experts all agree on one thing though... earthen embankment dams ALL leak.

This is an old article from 2016-17, right as the NY Canal system is being handed off from the Thruway Authority to the NY Power Authority. It describes the process used to inspect for leaks in the canal using a green dye. This leak test was done on one of the many feeder canals that ties into the NYS Canal System. It's an interesting piece that shows the process used by the NY Canal Corporation to periodically inspect their dam structures. But the real statement being made is a simple one... yes the New York State Canals are leaking...and is being monitored.

To say there are no issues of embankment integrity, no safety concerns about a aging canal system... well this proves otherwise. One of the story is linked below and has a video that requires a Spectrum login. You can press Login button and the video will play without an account though, it's worth a look

There are also two links about 6 months apart, from the Canal Corporation who had to conduct the same leak test in the Fall of 2016 and again in the Spring of 2017. This isn't the only area getting attention for leaking issues.

And there are more tests like this done by the Canal Corporation on other areas of leaking concern in the Fall of 2017