Author Topic: Facebook Opposition Expert Agrees with NY Canal Corporation on Embankment Restoration  (Read 124 times)

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This just in folks... another Hydrology Expert, this time from Colorado, has stated unequivocally that the banks along the Erie Canal are indeed Embankment Dams... and as such need to follow the long standing Rules & Regulations regarding Embankment Dam Vegetation-Free Zones & proper covering for the outboard slope, which the NY Canal Corporation (NYCC) has stated is GRASS. This new expert agrees TOTALLY with the NYCC in their assessment and path forward.

Here's an email from Dr. Dave Rosgen of the Wildland Hydrology Consultants, who was contacted initially by the STCC group, to support their stand that the Erie Canal looks more like a natural stream or river. The STCC group has also received this email but has yet to publish it on their Facebook Page. In this email Dr. Rosgen has clarified his stand, that was being misrepresented by the STCC folks, after the ECNA contacted him with a SINGLE photograph of the Erie Canal taken recently, that photo will be included in this post later.

Of note here is the fact that Dr. Rosgen, who is an acquaintance of the last STCC "expert" Dr. Donald Gray, and Dr. Gray supports Dr.Rosgen's findings regarding the definitions of Embankment Dams, Levees, and Stream/River Banks. That support is verified as well in recent emails.

Here's the email from Dr. Dave Rosgen to Harvey Gross, who is associated with the Stop the Clear Cut leadership and contacted Rosgen originally on behalf of that group, which most likely did NOT expect this email to surface. The additions you see to the email are to point out the most important facts stated.

Dr. Rosgen's statement is CONTRARY to what has been the rally cry of the STCC group, and firmly places his support BEHIND the NY Canal Corporation in definition of a Dam and also the recommended Remediation plan of a GRASS COVER for these Embankments.

His statement aligns perfectly with what the Public has heard all along from both NY Power Authority & NY Canal Corporation regarding this project.

This is the picture that was sent to Wildland Hydrology that enabled Dr. Rosgen to make his analysis.

So there it is, undeniable proof, from an expert selected by the Stop the Clear Cut group, that these Embankments under repair ARE ACTUALLY EARTHEN DAMS

Case Closed!
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