Author Topic: Erie Canal Embankment Topography Measurements  (Read 48 times)

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Erie Canal Embankment Topography Measurements
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:21:11 am »
For those living BELOW & ADJACENT to the Erie Canal Embankments:

Be aware there is an Engineering Firm (Prudent Engineering) measuring the topography of the Embankments using GPS coordinate equipment. There are two people measuring, one on TOP of the ECT and the other who changes location from the middle of the slope to the bottom. There are walking through Brockport at the moment, measuring EAST to WEST.

Have to assume this work is needed to get quotes for Phase 2 work that will begin in the Fall of 2018. That work is expected to include stump/root removal as well as RESHAPING of the Embankment Dams to meet FEMA requirements of a 1:3 slope ratio. We have heard that many areas along the canal will have topsoil added once the remnants from Phase 1 are gone, that to be followed by hydroseed of the NEW covering for these Embankments... GRASS.

Many of these slopes are 1:1 or 1:2 currently. 1:1 is VERY steep, and less supportive than either 1:2 or 1:3. These ratios are defined in vertical & horizontal directions, recommended slope contour is for every 1 foot of vertical drop the earth should move 3 foot horizontally or away from the Erie Canal Trail. In easiest terms... if the Embankment Dam is 10' Tall it should extend 20' - 30' away from the ECT.

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