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Erie Canal Navigation Season Closing Soon, Embankment Work to Continue


Doug K:
In anticipation of upcoming Embankment Integrity Work east of Rochester, and to facilitate more required inspections of Embankment Dams, Retaining Walls and Lock Structures the Canal Corporation is closing EARLY yet again.

The ECNA has contacted the NYCC to see if Trail Closures will be done on areas that are being renovated as part of the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP).

Last year several "near-misses" were reported during Dam Repairs in the Western End of the Embankment Work Zones by both Erie Canal Neighbor's  as well as Trail Users who didn't heed the warning about Trails Under Repair. Hoping the NYCC will CLOSE the Canal's Service & Inspection Road, aka the Erie Canal Trail, to avoid any potential conflicts between humans and large construction equipment removing unsafe dam vegetation in the off-season canal work. Last year there were several reported cases where people should not have been wandering through Canal Embankment Re-Construction Zones.

We will let you know what the Canal Corporation has to say on the topic of Work Zone Safety in their new EEIP efforts

Michael Caswell:
Posted to Fairport nextdoor.com

Doug K:
The Canal Corporation has posted the closing date at least half a dozen times now...seem to be serious about making sure all recreational traffic is off the waterway by that date. The best way to get information on what the Canal Waterway is doing... Notice to Mariners

Could mean there will be an early draining for inspection purposes and embankment dam repairs.. ONE week to go


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