Author Topic: Erie Canal Trail Closed for Tree Removal in Pittsford & Brockport  (Read 73 times)

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There seems to be yet another epidemic in our area, it's the Epidemic Of Canal Trail Closures

There's one in Eagle Harbor/Gaines Basin area that will have the Erie Trail closed for a couple miles until May 20, 2022. This one has some local social media group in an uproar... they are falsely claiming it's am "alleged issue of Canal Embankment instability and leakage"

And here's the image from the Empire Trail outside Rome, where water issues and a culvert replacement will keep this trail section closed until late in 2023. Note that the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor folks who answered this Facebook Group is working in "partnership" with the NYS Canal Corporation, they are considered colleagues, both agencies working together for the safety of the public who uses the Canal System, and also to insure the sustainability of the Canalway.

And note the signage... Trail Closed, Violators will be PROSECUTED

And of course last October's SINKHOLE in Royalton brought about yet another Trail Closure, as that hole next to the trail seemingly opened up overnight, and was found by a weekend Canal Embankment walker who wisely alerted the Canal Corporation to the danger

So please, be aware that the Canal is having safety and structural issues along the trail, along with the miles and miles of earthen embankments that support that trail.

Give them a hand, point out anything that looks like it might be a seepage issue, and post it here on our Forum.

There are people at NYS Canals that regularly check here for information from the public, regarding Erie Canal issues.