Author Topic: Extra! Extra!... Canal Corporation Releases new Website for Embankment Safety Program  (Read 104 times)

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Hot off the press, just uploaded in the past 48 hours... the prototype Embankment Restoration Project (or Vegetation Management as it started) has been replaced FINALLY with the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EIP for short)... it has already posted the long awaited SEQR Review as well... SEQR is the required NY State Environmental Quality Review which so many have made a big deal over in Rochester.

Well It's all here to see: Changed the Title on the NY Canal Corp Main Webpage

The actual document SEQR is here

And if you start using the new Links you get these, each County, Town & Village is covered

And right down to the Maps that have been updated for the new EIP Program

I would suggest everyone starts with the Overview Docement.. and go from there.

It's been along time coming, and the Canal Corporation & NY Power have finally got this big Erie Canal Safety effort rolling and it's running on all cylinders... safer embankments and more scenic views are on the way for the Erie Canal Corridor.

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