Author Topic: Governor Hochul proves whose side she's on, and it isn't the STCC  (Read 34 times)

Michael Caswell

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Governor Hochul has, of late, completely ignored Elizabeth Agte and her STCC pals. (Much to their annoyance)
But THIS -this is a clear demonstration that the lady has given the 'trees' fiasco much thought.
She has named Brian Stratton (Director of the Canal Corporation), Legislation (S.8204a/A.9177) as Task Force Chairman of the Upstate Flood Mitigation Task Force.

I can pretty much predict how this is going to go, and it fairs badly for the motley crew of the STCC.  I'd imagine a few others (hmmm Brouk, Hanna?) may start to whither in their support for Eerie Agte's tree fiasco too.

Here is the announcement .

 "As New York experiences more extreme weather events due to climate change, it is more important than ever before that we plan for and prioritize resiliency measures," Governor Hochul said. "Countless New York communities are at risk of climate-related dangers like flooding and storm damage. By convening the Upstate Flood Mitigation Task force, we are taking action to identify flood mitigation strategies that will protect the people who live in communities along the Erie Canal, and ultimately help to relieve these communities from the impacts of repeat flooding."

And in a nutshell, the folks like FEMA, ASDSO, NYDEC, USACE and numerous engineers have all said, NO TREES ON A DAM!

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Doug K

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Fresh from the NYS Canal Corporation website,  the "tweet" supporting this new review of Erie Canal perennial flooding, and how to deal with it.

Hopefully Mr. Stratton will find a way to mitigate seasonal flooding along parts of the Erie Canal and also ELIMINATE the potential for more serious flooding from a breakdown of Canal Infrastructure. That would also include continuing the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, from where it left off, clearing, maintaining & inspecting this aging waterway, around the Upstate NY area.

And here's a summary of what the goals are and a statement from Mr. Stratton

The new taskforce will explore the cost or impact of flooding along the Erie Canal over the last five years to agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, land use, public health, insurance, tourism, recreation, and power generation. In addition, the taskforce will assess the canal system operation, procedures and plans that may impact flood mitigation and management and identify adaptive measures, with costs, that could be executed to mitigate flood damages. The taskforce will prepare a report by July 1, 2023, to publicly site its findings.

Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton said, "I am pleased to serve as the designated chair of the Upstate Flood Mitigation Taskforce. By coming together with my state agency colleagues and leading subject matter experts in hydrology, civil engineering, conservation, and climate change, I am confident that the Taskforce's collaboration, research and recommendations will provide a roadmap for improved water management."
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