Author Topic: Invasive Trees aren't the only issues for the New York State Canals  (Read 28 times)

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This announcement just out this week, on

It's a new collaborative effort between the NYS Canal Authority and the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (once again)  to rid the NYS Erie Canal System of yet another invasive species, that is threatening it's sustainability. This one is discussed in the NYS Press Release below.

The first invasive species collaboration, between the NYSCC and the NYSDEC, is reviewed here:

Invasive Plants & Trees are still the issue with Erie Canal Embankments. That issue brought about the new Canal Embankment Integrity Effort. Many trees and other plants that growing along miles of high-hazard canal embankments fall into this category of "prohibited invasive species"

And now the LATEST problem with invasive specie issues is found inside the embankments, in the water of the Erie Canal, it's the Round Goby fish. You can read more about it here and follow the links to see what other animals make the NYS Invasive Animal List

And these Round Goby are already inside the Erie Canal Waterway System, according to this Invasive Species website that monitors these issues. This website had a great map showing where active issues are or invasive fish.

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