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Notice to Mariners

Erie Canal Rochester

June 2, 2021

Mariners are advised of shoaling that has reduced the depth of the Erie Canal at the Genesee River Crossing in Rochester. Sailboats that require a deeper draft may not be able to pass this area.

A map showing the affected area can be found at

Features along the western portion of the Erie Canal are listed by mileage at

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Mike has been posting recent Alerts & Notices from the NY State Canal Corporation, showing the many issues along the Canal System, both inside the waterway and outside.

That CANAL NOTICE list continues to grow, and in the month of May alone, there were significant concerns with a Canal Washout, some noted Canal Embankment leaks and several malfunctioning Canal Locks, that caused a partial shutdown of the NYS Canal System.

You would think that the PUBLIC and Lawmakers in Albany would want these canal issues repaired immediately, to insure Public Safety.

But you would be wrong...

Right now, NY State Lawmakers, led by a local Senator Robert Ortt, are trying to make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the New York Canal Corporation to effectively repair these current issues and others in the future, with some recent legislation proposed in Albany.

The issue with the new proposal is simple... it's short-sighted and has ZERO allowances in it, to allow for even "routine" maintenance. let alone anything that might be deemed EMERGENCY WORK!

The new Bill, known as S6748, was put up for review to insure that the Public has notice of any and all Canal Work, they would have input to that work, and NO WORK would happen for 90 days while all of that work would now be considered "under public review".

The recent canal breach in Macedon & Palmyra, well that repair work would have had to be "cleared" by public review, of this Bill was to pass as it's currently written. The Canal System would have been CLOSED in that area, while that public review of the proposed work took place.

The emergency REPAIR in Brockport, where a steel plate wall was hammered into an earthen embankment to fortify a large "seepage" issue, that would have had to wait until "public review" was complete, and that 90 day period was over. The Erie Canal Guard Gates in Holley would still be closed today, waiting for August, and the end of the 90 day work moratorium.

The Canal Corporation would not even be allowed to do "routine maintenance" like cutting grass or repairing the Empire Canal Trail, if any of the public wanted to get in the way of it, by citing this Bill if it becomes law. 

Essentially this BILL S6748 would tie the hands of the NY Canal Corporation, forcing them to be at the mercy of the "public" and anyone who wanted to start a movement on social media networks.

The NYSCC would NOT be allowed to fix their canal issues, they would NOT be allowed to cut their grass... and any EMERGENCY REPAIRS NEEDED would have to wait until "public review" was over.

Did Lawmakers intend to keep the public in DANGER? I think not, but this Bill certainly would do that as it's written today.

Imagine that, the public would be allowed to "weigh in" on everything from Earthen Dam repair to when ruts in the trails can get fixed on the bike trail.

And if a Tree falls on that trail, it just might take 90 days to get it moved.

The public already tried fighting earthen dam repairs along the Canal System, and that only caused MORE issues with public safety. This Bill would compound the issues, and place public "opinion" over what should be concern for "public safety"

Passing this Bill as written would be a disaster for the Erie Canal, the Communities it serves and the safety of all New Yorkers

You can read more about this Bill being proposed by going to the website below.



The ECNA urges every Canal Neighbor, every citizen who lives near the Canal and every local government official, to visit the State Senate website, signup and VOTE NAY on this Bill, until the Senator and House Legislators who wrote it, REVISE IT to include allowances for the Canal Corporation to perform both ROUTINE MAINTENANCE & EMERGENCY WORK that would NOT be required to have the 90 Day Public Review Moratorium.

You, yes YOU can weigh in on this, and many other NY State Legislation matters, by having your VOICES HEARD... Go Vote Now!

The ECNA has already contacted Senator Ortt on this matter, as well as Assemblyman Jensen, and we have voiced our concerns over the SAFETY ISSUES this Bill would create for Erie Canal Neighbors, and the general public using the NYS Canal System.

Assemblyman Jensen has assured us that Bill S6748 is being "re-written" to include more allowances for emergency work and maintenance, but after several weeks we have seen no changes.

Read more about our discussion with these lawmakers here:'s-stop-the-canal-clear-cut-group-where-ironic-moronic-collide!/?message=1499

You can write to each NYS Lawmaker using the email addresses provided below:

Senator Ortt -

Assemblyman Jensen -

Do your part as fellow New Yorkers for the safety of those living in NY State, and for those who live near and use the New York State Canal System...

VOTE NAY on Bill S6748 until it is CHANGED to insure the SAFETY of NY Citizens comes FIRST!!!
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You can read more about this Bill being proposed by going to the website below.

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