Author Topic: NYS Canal Corporation Releases Best of 2021 Video - Embankment Repairs Noted  (Read 39 times)

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Just ran across this 2021 Erie Canal Highlights video on the NYS Canal Corporation YouTube Channel.

It's not very long but does highlight the work done to repair the Embankment Breach in Palmyra/Macedon area as well as the work on the Brockport Embankment Restoration project that saw the final addition of the natural privacy barrier planted in April 2021.

And any plantings that did not survive the shock of transplanting have already been removed and replaced once, in 2022.

Here's another video that was released looking to entice people to seek jobs at NYS Canals. It's a very different look at the Canal System from the perspective of what challenges canal employees face, working mostly during the winter months on everything from lock maintenance to embankment repair.

Very nice to see that the new owners of the Canal System, the New York Power Authority (NYPA), have finally figured out what's wrong with the "profitability ratio" that NY has experienced with keeping the Erie open, at least enough to finally hire more people to make it safe & sustainable. Time will tell if they ever figure out a way to have the canal break even on cost... or dare we say... make a profit.

That would be a welcome change for all New Yorkers

Perhaps its time to start the conversation of how to create power generation opportunities along the bottom of the channel?