Author Topic: NYS Canals Announces Routine Inspection of Navigation Embankments to Begin  (Read 110 times)

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And this was very predictable, from the last announced Embankment Inspection exercise.

And it didn't take the folks in the Canal Corporation very long to find yet another safety issue along these earthen Navigation Dams, that will result in another need to repair. Another of the many leaks along this section of the Erie Canal System has been found west of Rochester.

Today, the NYS Canal Corporation announced that recent inspection of Earthen Embankments in Orleans County revealed issue with leakage that needs immediate repairs. The trail will be closed, Residents are warned about Canal Work in the area of Eagle Harbor & Gaines Basin.


Here's the affected Erie Canal Trail section, 1.8 miles long, and it will be CLOSED for REPAIRS starting next week.

When the Canal Corporation started their Canal Integrity work in 2017 they had only 27 known canal leaks that were being monitored. Todays' announcement stated they are now watching over 200 leaks.

And they still have to clear hundreds of miles of their overgrown canal embankments on both the North and South sides of the waterway.

Perhaps it's time to start a contest... Guess the TOTAL NUMBER of Erie Canal Leaks that will be uncovered with their new focus & emphasis on Erie Canal Embankment Integrity & Safety
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