Author Topic: Senate Bill S1232 has been assigned a "Same As" bill  (Read 255 times)

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Re: Groundhog Day for Facebook Denialist
« on: February 02, 2023, 12:48:44 pm »
And so EVERYONE gains some much needed perspective... here's a little sampling of recent and older post from that SAME Facebook Group that has influenced Senator Ortt, and Assemblyman Jensen.

Yes, these lawmakers and this social media group are sticking to denial, conspiracy and opinion as their guide, and expect to win a fight against NYS Canal Corporation who has Hydrology Experts, Dam Safety Science, and the simple truth to back up their new Embankment Guidebook and State Environmental Study.

It's always the same, someone making money, someone hiding something, everyone against the group is incompetent... it goes on and on.

And also read one of our oldest post about this Facebook Group, from way back in December 2018 from Ms. Agte's-door!/

And February 2019, again it's all about how wrong EVERYONE else is... couldn't be that the group is mistaken or it's leaders?!/

Yep, maybe it's time to tell Mr Ortt and Mr. Jensen what kind of job they are doing, ignoring the safety of people in TWO COUNTIES.

Wait... better idea, tell them with votes the very next time they come up for election...

Wrong is wrong.
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