Author Topic: The Canal will NOT open for 2020 Season on May 15, closed until further notice  (Read 58 times)

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Before people run off and start sending emails to The New York Canal Corporation, NY Power Authority, or the State Government in Albany remember this one statement.

If you are going to complain again, about SAFETY work on the Erie Canal and how you don't like it, remember that the NYS Canal Corporation is first and foremost responsible for PUBLIC safety along the NYS Canal System, including Locks, Dams, Trails, and Trees.

The last time the Canal Corporation heard complaints about safety was regarding it's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program...and that hasn't gone well.

Here's the list of lock issues cited by someone as what still needs to be done on the Barge Canal before it can reopen:

Lock pump-outs and related construction work ceased along the NYS Canal System on March 17.

Impacted locks include: E7 (Niskayuna), E13 (Yosts), E19 (Schuyler), E26 (Clyde), E23 (Brewerton), E33 (Rochester), Locks E34/E35 (Lockport) on the Erie Canal, and C12 (Whitehall) on the Champlain Canal.

Until this work is completed, boats will not be able to travel between locks and vessels seeking to reach the Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain, Great Lakes, and Canadian waterways via the Canal System will not be able to do so.

You can learn more about these Canal Locks here:

LOCKS 2-10 -

LOCKS 11-20 -

LOCKS 21-35 -

Once again it's become a lesson in how the "public" perceives the message from the messenger...and time after time it's the same:

The public doesn't like the message, and wants to ALWAYS shoot the messenger, and as the ECNA has learned, they also want to shoot anyone who "agrees" with the message of Public Safety First along the New York State Canal