Author Topic: The Canal will NOT open for 2020 Season on May 15, closed until further notice  (Read 58 times)

Michael Caswell

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What worries me more about Fairport and the COVID problem is that The Erie Canal is a direct channel to New York City.  Yes, that metropolis at the other end of the canal. Isn't that the place that is TEEMING with dying and infected people?
And you want boats mooring up in our village that have come directly  from that hell? In the 2-4 days it probably takes to get here, symptoms would not even show (I believe).
We only want ONE infected person to set foot here, with businesses open, and we're doomed.

Keep it shut!  No through traffic on the canal, thanks. 

But lets get folks fishing, small local boats, kayaks etc.  NO THROUGH TRAFFIC!  Lets hope next year is better!