Author Topic: The Canal will NOT open for 2020 Season on May 15, closed until further notice  (Read 58 times)

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Be careful if you critique the Westside News
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:25:08 am »
I was quite surprised at the replies that the Westside news sent... lesson learned.

The staff there are firm believers in "Freedom of the Press", even if that means changing the narrative by changing the chronological order of the "statements" they decide to publish. And they frown a bit on the public's right to "Freedom of Speech" when they are called out for inaccuracies.

Here's the reply I rec'd first:

So I wrote back again...

And that ruffled some feathers...because the name calling and public bashing began.

So here was my final reply, which I will post here. I have fixed my own grammar and spelling mistakes from the original email send today:

In case you missed the point...

You published a story about continued Erie Canal Closure

You cited the NYSCC statements about infrastructure safety issues

Then you changed to the view of the National Heritage Folks that this is a Covid-19 closure that should be lifted for the public's best interest on recovery... because the Heritage Corridor folks thought blowing off public safety due to Canal structure safety was a good statement to make, a mistake on their part.

Your order of reporting events & statements of others, which were not in chronological order, added to the confusion. In addition, NOT stating AFTER you posted the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor statement that the Canal Corp has cited STRUCTURE safety issues, not a pandemic that is keeping the canal closed, only added to the misrepresentation.

Maybe this would have been just a bit more accurate, if you had put the ECNHC April 8 Letter first, and then the NYSCC statement from April 23 after. As one was a request to open, and the other was the answer, right?

So again, claiming you had no role here, as the press, seems off. Just getting statements in the proper order might have helped out. But you might be one of those in the "press" that thinks the public is "against them" if they critique your work in any way  shape, or form.

Freedom of the Press is a right, but maybe the word "responsible" should be added before Press.

But then again, that might not sell the way the press would like at times.

Take care,
Doug Kucmerowski
Erie Canal Neighbors Association
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