Author Topic: Here's Where It All Began  (Read 54 times)

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Here's Where It All Began
« on: October 11, 2019, 06:54:26 pm »

This poster was nailed to a post on The Oxbow Trail about two years ago by Elizabeth Agte and Co.

The Quorum consisted of Elizabeth Agte, Harvey Gross (her husband), L J Fisher, and Amanda Oren.

The poster was immediately removed, as it was a violation of Canal Authority regulations.

This was the start of a vigorous campaign to harass a local Boy Scout Group who were trying to clean up the mess The Oxbow was in.

What this group did not realise was that there were so many problems with The Oxbow that were an environmental nightmare. 15 oil drums full of chemicals, barbed wire everywhere, old tires, junk, invasive plants that were all NYDEC listed invasive/illegal species.  Agte actually APPROVED Japanese Knotwood, because her bees liked it. Ragweed everywhere, so tall no one could see the water's edge, and it was dangerous for kids to walk through for fear of predators.

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Re: Here's Where It All Began
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2019, 12:39:07 pm »
Maybe what folks in Fairport should also know about this "concerned" group of citizens, including Ms. Agte:

Elizabeth Agte, and her Quorum, have never once stepped foot on the Oxbow Trail to actually help with any amount of cleanup. There is a group dedicated to revitalizing the Oxbow Trail as a park to have family picnics, plant pollinator gardens and keep the are mowed so that grass wins over ragweed. Most members of the "quorum" live within a short walk of the Oxbow but to this day haven't joined the Oxbow Cleanup Group

This Oxbow Environmental Quorum, including it's leader Ms. Agte, have never once contributed to the upkeep and care of the Oxbow Trail through a simple donation to GoFundMe. It doesn't take much to go to a website and donate $50 for something these folks said they are so concerned about. You can go and take a look for yourself... and please, take a moment to give just a little to help defer the out of pocket expenses being made by Mr. Caswell

Ms. Agte has not once stopped to thank Mike Caswell for trying to save this once famous piece of Erie Canal history.  He has restored this trail & park from a dangerous, overgrown mess, to a place that people can hike and kayak can use as a rest stop. Most of the work being done to cleanup the Oxbow was by volunteers, using money from Mr. Caswell's own wallet. Ms. Agte loves to use the park, just not support it with either a little work or a few dollars.

But most surprising, Ms. Agte & her husband walk the Oxbow Trail almost exclusively. They do not live on the Erie Canal Trail side of the canal waterway and this park is the closest canalside walk for many in her own neighborhood which is only a few hundred yards away. Ms. Agte & Mr. Gross are both frequent trail users with their dogs, though they rarely cleanup after them. In fact these "environmentalist" can't even be bothered to pick up an empty soda can or water bottle that is lying along the trail.

Ms. Agte talks a great game about "helping" the environment, but it's just words....

When the opportunity arises for her to pitch in with some real work, or a few dollars... she shrinks away like a dying dandelion.
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