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Re: Outdoor literature display with registration forms
« on: August 30, 2018, 02:21:14 pm »
This sounds like something that would work... and fits with the Adopt-a-Trail Ideals. If you haven't seen this page it's another recognizing this project being taken on at the Oxbow

So everyone is aware, NYS Parks & Recreation, working along with the NY Canal Corporation, will be  placing signs as needed (or maybe requested) for each trail section at either end at some point in the future... this is from their webpage that describes it a bit

The NYS Canal Corporation erects Adopt-a-Trail signs recognizing the group or individuals at each end of the adopted trail segment and also provides adopters with a cap and identifying tee shirt. Trail adopters are able to work on their own schedule but it is recommended that between April and November they engage in maintenance activities once a month.

This Adopt-a-Trail program is one of the most extensive in the country, getting National Reviews & Press

Maybe a sub-group starts to look at what size is needed for an Oxbow Park Information Holder, work on ideas to "weatherproof" the holder & contents and then find a location to place these near to the AoT sineage that is yet to appear. Seems like planning what Info needs to be shared, and contact information to report ideas or issues is a good place to start. Should be able to fit on 2-4 standard pieces of paper... and anything else will be found here in the ECNA Forum under this Topic.

Any Thoughts from others?
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