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Rumors Abound
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:18:29 pm »
Disturbing News!

As ECNA members work on The Oxbow project, it has been brought to my attention that Ms Agte STCC is spreading false rumors about the project.

The object of the project is as follows.

1. To remove all invasive species of vegetation as described by the NYDEC Leaflet.

2. Thinning of saplings to give established trees room to flourish.

3. Rototilling & planting of bulbs and flower seeds.

4. Mulching certain areas.

5. Mowing of Ragweed areas.

6. Install Bat houses and duck nests later in the year.

7. Make steps around the culvert more stable by cutting railroad ties to make the steps.

Ms Agte has stated that we are felling all trees -clear cutting the Oxbow. Simply not true.

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