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What happened to The Oxbow Bridge?
« on: March 12, 2022, 01:21:52 am »

What is going on here?

This pile of bridge components has been sitting around since the late summer.

Here is what we know.

The original bridge developed a sink hole because the culvert pipes rusted out. Read about it here:

They were duly replaced by plastic culvert pipes by the Canal Authority, but unfortunately they simply covered them over with tennis ball sized crushed rock, underestimating the force of water coming down the creek in a storm.

The entire repair project was washed out in the first storm.

A makeshift hand rail was added to help Trail Users get around the second washout.

The ECNA, who adopted the Oxbow Park & Trail from the Canal Corporation's Adopt-A-Trail program, came up with a work-around for the bridge, diverting traffic up & around the culvert. It added some steps, and more railing to make the "detour" a bit easier to navigate.

About a year later, we hear that the Fairport School district had elected to repair the bridge (at an estimated material cost excluding labor of at least $60,000), and they ordered all these blocks to prepare for a precast concrete bridge. They duly turned up and were unloaded, ready for the work to commence.

As you can see from this property boundary map, the bridge is quite clearly on State land, and not on school property.

So, one has to ask, why is the school working on State Property, and word has it, without a CC permit? A stop work order from the Canal Corp put the job on hold.

That seems to be the problem, but no word is forthcoming on if and when anything will be done about this.

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