Perinton Embankment Dam Discussion


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[1] An Update on Perinton & Fairport Erie Canal Safety

[2] But Not on a dam!

[3] Transition to Embankment Integrity Program was costly for Brighton, Pittsford, & Perinton

[4] What did Stop the Canal Clear-cut accomplish for Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton Residents?

[5] When a tree falls on the Erie Canal Trail does it make a noise?

[6] Pittsford & Perinton Passed By -- Residents don't get to input their views.

[7] Has the Leadership of the STCC finally figured this all out?

[8] The Great Embankment may be the East Side's Biggest Threat

[9] Is the Stop the Canal Clearcut Group trying to pedal an unsafe product to us all?


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