Author Topic: Are Perinton & Fairport Residents Concerned about Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments?  (Read 29 times)

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The answer to that question seems to be a resounding "No they are not concerned at all".

On Monday, October 10, 2021, which was also Indigenous People's Day, better known as Columbus Day, the ECNA went out to the Oxbow Dam in Perinton to conduct an impromptu survey of Perinton Canal Trail Users. Many people were off of work, and children were out of school as well, seemed like a good day to hear "the voice of the people".

After all, it is Perinton & Fairport that are the birthplace of a Facebook Group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut, who's steadfastly opposing all Erie Canal Embankment Integrity efforts to clear these unsafe earthen water impoundments, and restore the Erie Canal to it's "1926 version" when it was newly built. You would expect the "Guardians of the Erie Canal" from Facebook, to be marching along the Empire Trail, just waiting to confront the "evil Canal Corporation" and it's workers in orange vests with white safety helmets.

In total, for about 90 minutes we were there, we saw about 35 people pass over the Oxbow Embankment Dam on bikes, or walking dogs, or running for exercise.

Not one Erie Canal Trail user asked the "man in the orange vest & hardhat" what he was doing there, with his clipboard in hand.

Not one trail user was interested enough to find out just what was going on and why someone was "inspecting" the Oxbow Dam that day.

Indigenous People's Day appeared to be "Indifferent People's Day" in Perinton... which was very unexpected.

What does it mean when someone is being indifferent?

It means that people are basically not interested or concerned about something according to the Merriam-Webster Definition. They are not interested or concerned, even to the potential danger their community is in.

Is it good to be indifferent?

While it can be harmless and normal to experience, it can also be harmful. The indifference, unresponsiveness, detachment, and passivity that are characteristic of apathy can leave apathetic individuals feeling exhausted and also lead to their making bad decisions because, well, they just don't care.

One has to assume that with a local Social Media presence, like the Stop the Canal Clear-cut (who's been saying that all the NYS Canal Corporation warnings about unsafe embankments are wrong and calling it "fear-mongering"), that some local residents are just sick of hearing the debate going on, for years now. To them, it's just a trail... it's not an UNSAFE DAM because "their Facebook neighbors told them it wasn't"... despite many warning from those NYS Agencies challenged with the maintenance and upkeep of this historic waterway.

You can read more about the ECNA Perinton Survey here:

And please, take the time to join in the conversation and take our Survey at the end of that webpage about Perinton Embankment Safety and Local Government Concern.
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