Author Topic: Brighton, Pittsford, Perinton & Fairport - How long will you ignore Public Safety?  (Read 4 times)

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There's a lesson here... if you want to learn.

All of eastern Monroe County, those Towns & Villages along the Erie Canal, will have to decide what side of Public Safety you are on soon. The new Canal Embankment Integrity Program will be starting up soon there. Take it from an Erie Canal Neighbor, living 30' away from the base of what used to be an unsafe dam... and is in their third year of Embankment Dam Safety 101:

1) Even if you don't like the idea or look of what happens when unsafe embankments transform to safer ones, please don't whine about how they get mowed... this is what is supposed to be done and should have been for years past.!/msg827/#msg827

2) Let's let these people (NYCC/NYPA) FIX their Dam issues and STOP trying to get in their way. This isn't the typical Brighton move to block any and all development like we see on the news, this is about Public Safety. While that may not matter to you if you live above the canal waterline, many of us living below DO have to be concerned, especially if we want to sell our property.

Best to say it's next to a SAFE dam along the Erie Canal than an unsafe one... don't you agree?

3) Find out for yourself about Embankment Dam Safety, this site has good information along with our home site

Do not let others dictate what YOUR safety should look like... and take it from someone who did their homework.. Trees on Dams Kill People!

Learn that all earthen dams leak, that the ground below them is ultra saturated in many cases and that trees growing on them are dangerous. Be smart and educate yourself, do not rely on second-hand information or's about YOUR safety. Think for yourself, do not let others do it... you may be disappointed with the results.

4) Do not believe anyone that claims the owners of the Erie Canal Property, the NY Canal Corporation, are lying about Embankment Dam Safety on their own property.

They have no reason to, the NYS Comptroller has already told them 6 years ago it was broken and needed to be fixed. They were given the money to fix the issues as well. It didn't happen though, until NEW ownership took over, and now this monumental safety project could begin.

Yes, we all like trees, understand the value they give us. But when someone says trees on THEIR PROPERTY are a risk to human life our first reaction should NEVER be... "I don't think so". That doesn't make that person's trees any less unsafe, and they still are trying to protect YOU!
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