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Business as usual?
« on: March 30, 2020, 10:24:01 am »
The Fairport Brewing Company, owned by Tim Garman, conducts a daily interview with local people called The Daily Toast. Yesterday, Tim chatted with our Village Mayor Julie Domaratz.
Here's the interview Go to facebook dot com- fairportbrewingcompany -- videos  -2789529204417945/

I gleaned from this interview that the property Tax bills will go out in June, the same as usual, with nothing changing. I must say, I find that very disturbing.
We have a large service industry in this village comprised of restaurants, stores and many other businesses that are considered 'non-essential'. So what does that mean? Most of those businesses employ people who are low paid workers, and now they are collecting unemployment. They are also likely to be renting property and not able to pay their rent, as are the small business owners leasing their premises. The knock-on effect of this is horrific.

One landlord I know who has several properties said he's going to have to find $18,000 to cover the shortfall. New laws prohibit eviction proceedings for non payment up to 90 days. This encourages folks to withhold their payments.
Yet, those with 'government jobs' in the village, (those being paid some 40% above other villages employees), are expecting no layoffs, and no pay cuts. THAT folks, is unsustainable.

Our taxes are way out of control as it is. Our expenditure is also way out of control, compared with other canal villages.

Our officials need to make some tough decisions, get their heads out of the sand, and start making HUGE cuts in every area possible. If that means layoffs, so be it. Take unemployment like the majority here.

It means looking at every aspect of expenditure and slashing it. Lets not hang about with this. Get It Done!

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