Author Topic: But Not on a dam!  (Read 35 times)

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But Not on a dam!
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Re: But Not on a dam!
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Mike, I am hoping this will help, but the better part of me says you can't expect anyone in the STCC group to act sensibly.. not in their "nature".

Here's an interesting take on What a Tree Is... from Joyce Kilmer with some edits by a one of the country's leading authorities on Trees, Dams and Safety

So who wrote the Introduction  for Chapter One?  None other than the Federal Emergency Management Agency.. a group that knows a thing or two about all things related to Dam Safety in America... FEMA... the peopler who also bring you the National Flood Insurance Program.

Here's where this nicely started Introduction comes from...

If you haven't read this manual the ECNA suggests you do. Especially if you want to INTELLIGENTLY discuss Erie Canal Embankment Dam Safety and the role TREES play on that topic. Of course you can ship educating yourself about the issues of Trees on Dams, and simply look foolish fighting against a public safety program being run by the NY Canal Corporation to fix our own unsafe, tree covered Erie Canal Embankment Dams... your choice.

There are so many websites dedicated to this topic of Trees on Dams being bad, that it's hard to believe a group like the Stop the Canal Clear-cut could avoid seeing them... so it's assumed they simply don't believe there is any danger to the public, regardless of what the owners/caretakers of the Erie Canal are saying.

Here's a good read about Dams, Trees & Safety... this one from the NY Dept of Conservation -

In fact just about every state in the USA has something about proper care of Dams for their state, none of them say Trees should ever stay on a dam. Here's a few more that you can review that discuss Earthen Dam Safety issues in all sizes & shapes.

Folks, none of that matters in the end, does it?

If people want to simply DENY THE TRUTH about Dam Safety, they will do just that... hell or high water.. again it's in their "nature".

I am sure these same people questioned the recent Takata Air Bag Recall, stating that they felt the airbags haven't blown up yet so there is no danger...right? Or maybe they all protested years ago when Regional DOT fixed the traffic horror known as the "Can of Worms". Many accidents & some fatalities prompted a revamp of the entire 490/590 interchange... were these people saying Pooh to that as well? Maybe they thought it wasn't a design flaw... did they fight a DOT Public Safety Project? I don't remember protesters out in force there. I even bet these people are writing to their State & Federal representatives saying they don't believe that Boeing Max 737 have any technical issues and should be put back into service now to avoid holiday travel issues... after all "they" didn't die in a crash with one of these jets.

So what is it then that has groups of people actively fighting against THIS particular NYS Canal Safety Issue and it's timely resolution?

Well it has to be the word "tree" has everyone riled up enough to PUBLICLY fight against a NYS Public Safety that it?

Well here's a very nice article, written by a self-proclaimed "tree-hugger" who wanted to share his understanding about the subject of Trees & Dams. I have included a link to this view, and the start of Mr. Otto's take on having trees near water, and if that water is being held back by an earthen dam. Maybe, just maybe some will read and understand the simple truth... that has eluded them for so long now... or maybe not.

From the Erie Canal Neighbor's Association perspective there are only a few question to answer right now...

1) Why would ANYONE question or challenge a program that was dedicated to restoring the SAFETY of the Public along the Erie Canal?

2) Why are people asking the NY Canal Corporation to "defend" their plans & actions of working in the public's best interest for safety?

3) Why have three towns in eastern Monroe County, in the State of New York become the hotbed for a group dedicated to fighting against public safety work along the Erie Canal?

The answer to those questions lies in solving #3 I think. It must be some kind of Eastside Entitlement perhaps that drives people to ignorance. Not just any ignorance though... it's become "selective" ignorance.

It's ignorance to three words Unsafe Embankment Dams.. those words were spoken by someone who owns 100 miles of them & has to fix them... in the name of Public Safety.

Even for a public who still fails to recognize the danger...

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