Author Topic: Do you know what happened in 2018?  (Read 20 times)

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Re: Do you know what happened in 2018?
« on: March 31, 2020, 08:59:15 am »

In June of 2018 the Erie Canal Neighbors Association came into existence with the task of correcting the mis-information being spread by a Facebook group regarding Earthen Dam Safety in our community.

We investigated the facts, found the breadcrumb trail of how Embankments had become unsafe in the first place, and led the effort to bring facts & truth to other canal neighbors who were being confused by the mixed messages they were hearing in the press & from Facebook.

And here we are, almost 2 years later, still fighting the same disinformation campaign, from the same Facebook group, and wondering why the public is so easily convinced to follow the "wrong path home".

And since 2018, the ECNA had also sought the truth & facts on other Erie Canal topics, like Reimagine the Canals & Canal Village Reorganization. Just so others can gain from a little work on our part to uncover the truth and put in an easy to understand format, in a place everyone can share. On the website.

Once again, we will try to help people understand the FACTS and help wade through the fiction that so many others want to add to these new conversations , in hopes of steering the conversation away from the truth.

Our advice remains the same, Be sure you do your homework before deciding what path to follow.
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