Author Topic: Dr. Fauci explains why some groups try to fight against Public Health & Safety  (Read 38 times)

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Your question about the STCC Google website posting of these letters is baffling

"I don't see the STCC purpose in publishing them. They are in complete denial of the truth apparently because they are still banging the same old drum."

Mike, here's the most plausible reason for this letter writing:

The LEADERS of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group want to make sure their FOLLOWERS believe they are "important". After all, they "wrote" to the Governor AND the Head of the NYS Canal Corporation wrote back to them... see they hear us.

It's of no real consequence what the reply they received actually stated, they won't care and deny it's truth if it doesn't fit their narrow-minded views.

It really doesn't matter if the Governor or Brian Stratton discuss safety concerns for the public on this Embankment Integrity Program, the STCC Leaders also deny that safety is an issue or that the canal is broken.

The STCC group didn't even listen when the HEAD of the NYS Canal Corporation told this group they were MISTAKEN on their beliefs that "unsafe dams" along the Erie Canal don't need repairs and are "not dams".

In fact the ONLY thing that the STCC Leadership cared about was simple... that they actually got a reply.

Because they can then state to their FOLLOWERS that they are in "communication" with canal leaders and also claim that they are being heard by them.

There was no need for these STCC Leaders to say that what they complained about to the State, was easily dismissed as opinion & conjecture by the people who own the Canal System, and also own the problems trying to fix their public safety nightmare.

The STCC Founder & Leaders only care about the "optics" of sending letters of complaint, not actually reading or believing the replies they received that were trying to explain the group is mistaken about their rhetoric.

It's never really about the TRUTH, with this Facebook group, it's always been about the LIES they tell themselves, those same lies that they want all their followers to believe.

And the STCC Leadership expects their FOLLOWERS to take in the whole STCC charade, Hook Line & Sinker... fishing analogies work best on the Canal

The ONLY thing this Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Group has actually stopped, it's the Dissemination of the TRUTH about Public Safety along the Erie Canal.

And in doing so they have also lost the RESPECT of people that matter, like the Governor, and the Head of the NYS Canal Corporation, and their parent company, New York Power Authority.

Sadly they have NOT lost respect of the Fairport & Perinton community they live within. The same PUBLIC being kept in danger from unsafe dams, because a few STCC Leaders are to proud to understand this phrase.. "You don't know what you don't know".

Mark Twain knew the danger of leaders like those running the STCC and followers who believe them.

And here's the BEST advice the ECNA has for the STCC

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