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ECCO What is that?
« on: November 25, 2023, 07:31:19 am »'s-quite-at-the-stcc-forum/?message=2506

Here are the points I felt needed addressing in Perinton's ECCO. Shouldn't that be ECCCO?  Erie Canal Conservation Corridor Overlay (ECCO). Heck! They can't even get that right.

Firstly, let's discuss what the Town of Perinton is feebly attempting to do. It plainly states their intent in their naming of their project.  OVERLAY.

The NYPA have spent millions of dollars designing a perfectly good system to address the canals future, and these folks want to plonk this nonsense on top of it, as an 'overlay'?  It's a feeble attempt to garner votes perhaps?

Preserve woodlands, wetlands, and other green space.

Exactly what does that mean? Keep it just the way it is? Despite all the experts telling them the trees and veggies have to go because the embankments have become unsafe?

Use vegetation and green infrastructure to help reduce the velocity and volume of storm water runoff entering the Erie Canal.

Is this an excuse to keep all these weeds on the dams, because the storm water would have already left the dam slopes?  Trying to keep tree removal to 1/3 of the current amount over 6".

Of course the question is where did that rule come from, regarding earthen dams, and what purpose does it serve to leave a tree for what might only be 3-5 more years before it will qualify for removal @ 6"? And how is one supposed to mow, inspect and get fast access with large machinery, when these larger trees are in the way?

There's no logic or reasoning applied, so this will fail, like the last one. Any tree left is an issue, for public safety reasons.

Encourage land uses that take advantage of the Town’s location on the canal to provide amenities for residents and visitors in a manner that complements, not competes with or detracts from, the canal’s aesthetic, environmental, economic, and cultural value.

Pure waffle

Removal of Vegetation
No property owner shall be permitted to remove existing vegetation within 50 feet of canal high-water mark or more than 33 percent of trees with minimum six-inch caliper.

Not sure what they are getting at here. Lets say NYPA decide to remove stuff from their canal property. So they have to ask permission from Perinton? JOKING EH?

Tree Inventory is required for all site plan applications

It's all about the trees. This entire document.

NYS Canal Corporation Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP)
• Where removal of vegetation is proposed as part of a NYS Canal Corporation or NYS Power Authority project, it is expected that Perinton will be informed and consulted in accordance with the EEIP. As part of this process, Perinton will hold at least one public hearing to inform the community of the project and allow for public comment.

Public hearings have already been done and the input from the public noted.

Legislative intent
To implement the vision, goals, and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan and other local plans and studies focused on the protection of the natural and cultural resources, including mature trees and vegetation, historic landmarks, recreational opportunities, public access points, trails, and scenic views along the Erie Canal.

Mature trees and vegetation. That is all this waffle is about. This ECCO is full of vagueries Totally unenforceable, in my opinion.

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Re: ECCO What is that?
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2023, 08:33:06 am »
Do you want the "quick answer" to that question, Michael? I took a few minutes to review the proposal

It's a feeble and non-fact supported attempt, by the Town of Perinton, to turn the Entire Erie Canal, within the boundaries of the Town, into a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP)... but without actually using that term to describe it.

Now for the EXPLANATION & FACTS that support that statement:

Mr Hanna is very aware that calling this property by its real term, an LWRP, won't stop the NYS Canal Corporation from performing their much needed Earthen Embankment Maintenance Work. The Canal Corporation has clearly defined how their EEIP program, to clear these embankments, will handle LWRPs.

And Perinton is trying to avoid doing all the work required by New York State to define that Local Waterfront Program, because it won't protect something they are calling a "viewshed". This statement is at the heart of the ECCO Presentation, the idea that Perinton residents are entitled to a particular "view" around the Erie Canal...

Develop standards and criteria to establish a Erie Canal Scenic and Cultural Overlay District to help protect the viewshed along the canal.

Here's what NYS says about Local Waterfront Revitalization:

Here is what the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program says about LWRPs:

8. EEIP activities are likely to have moderate to large impacts on aesthetic resources. In many locations of potential actions, the land use of surrounding areas is different from the Canal System embankments and visibility of potential actions from federal, state or local scenic or aesthetic resources will be changed by the proposed action.

a. Identification of aesthetically sensitive areas due to historical, recreational, educational, natural features using publicly available information through NYS Parks (including SHPO), the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, and other state, regional or local resources (including lists of designated scenic resources);

b. Approved Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs (LWRPs) where an aesthetic resource has been identified;

Somehow Mr Hanna must feel that by using something "different" than the "legal" NY State terminology for this type of work, Perinton can avoid those rules around Public Safety in and around Public Property, property that's owned by the State of NY. And he can't call the entire Erie Canal in his Town an "aesthetic resources", without exposing the inherent bias he has on this matter, can he?

NYPA has been clear that NYS Laws already states that no one has a "right to a view",  especially a view that involves keeping trees growing on the face of an earthen dam.'s-new-state-dam-safety-program-manual-spells-the-end-of-unsafe-erie-canal-e/msg2377/#msg2377

Unfortunately for Mr Hanna, the Federal Government & NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation will NEVER agree with his biased view of the Erie Canal Embankment Integrity matter. And neither will the owners & caretakers of the Erie Canal System, New York Power & Canal Authority

And that folks is a blessing for all Erie Canal Neighbors living in Perinton, who would be unduly burdened with new FEMA Flood Zone Insurance requirements, that Mr Hanna doesnt seem to care about, but would become a real possibility if the earthen dams are not brought into compliance.

Just because the Town Supervisor for Perinton wants to "rename" some land that consists of unmaintained, high hazard Earthen Dams to a fancy new acronym, doesn't change anything about the safety of the embankments located there, or the State & Federal Laws & Guidelines regarding proper maintenance of those man-made structures.

Residents in Perinton should be asking their Town Supervisor why he continues to avoid the "public safety" aspects of his new ECCCO idea... that's the real issue here.

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Re: ECCO What is that?
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2023, 07:57:36 am »
And if you look online, seaching for the term Environmental Overlay District you can see this is a new idea forming in the Hudson Valley region of NY State.

Most who are looking to adopt this new idea are doing so for Conservation purposes, to protect both local resorces, and protect people AND the safety of houses, that are located in Hazardous Areas. These are applicable in areas similar to the current situation in Perinton where many homeowners & residents unknowingly live below hazardous, unmaintained, earthen embankments. This website describes that effort.

The key takeaway is about Environmental Overlay Safety...

An Environmental Protection Overlay District (EPOD) is an overlay zone located in sensitive environmental places in which special building regulations and restrictions operate in order to help to maintain natural structures

The main aim of the EPOD is to maintain natural spaces, provide a safe environment for residents and control the safety of houses located on hazardous areas, keep the surface water clean, preserve habitats of wild animals, maintain slope and soil stability, as well as maintaining open spaces between buildings.

Mr Hanna cannot simply create this new Overlay Zone, and then totally disregard the data presented by experts in New York State who have said the Erie Canal is made of high hazard dams, that need to be cleared of all invasive vegetation.

Or can he?

He has conveniently minimized the Canal's Embankment Safety Issues for the past 5 years, with the help of a delusional social media group. It appears to be working so far...

Once again, the citizens of Perinton deserve better, when it comes to their safety, and the safety of their community. Mr. Hanna intends to join the "save the trees" movement, despite the clear evidence that these trees are putting the community he serves in danger. Hopefully the Canal Corporation and NYS DEC can talk some sense into the Perinton Leadership, but it's doubtful.

At the end of the day this ECCO idea is looking more like a stunt to gain support from a Facebook group, and to garner votes for Mr. Hanna's re-election that for what Environmental Overlay Zones are supposed to be used for...

Protection of the Public
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