Author Topic: English Embankment dam fails. Spillway badly maintained  (Read 6 times)

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English Embankment dam fails. Spillway badly maintained
« on: March 17, 2020, 12:51:39 pm »
Here's a story about a Dam in England, it too suffered from a lack of proper inspections and repairs like the Canal Dams

Weeds and cracks in the concrete spillway are the problem, caused by a complete lack of maintenance. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Many people are living directly under this dangerous dam!  Doesn't that sound familiar?

Hopefully, our Perinton/Fairport dam will be cleared of illegal vegetation shortly, so inspections and repairs can be made. If this can happen to a dam made of concrete, the Erie Canal's 100 year old Earthen Dams don't stand a chance of lasting without immediate repair.

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